Why the Barrett Barrage stands above The Nexus and Corre

Why the Barrett Barrage stands above The Nexus and Corre

Since winning NXT season one, Wade Barrett has aligned himself with powerful factions like The Nexus and Corre. However, while these alliances have ultimately backfired on the English Superstar, the Barrett Barrage is destined to succeed.

Wade’s affiliation with both The Nexus and The Corre seemed to serve as security for Barrett, a way for the ruthless Brit to give himself cover while he acquainted himself with new battlegrounds. When he brought his fellow NXT season one cohorts with him to Raw, he had just become a WWE Superstar. With The Corre, he was just beginning his tenure on SmackDown.

embedcolon25043985In contrast, the Barrett Barrage comes into being at a time that Barrett is already anchored on Friday night, armed with an ability to understand both the lay of the land and the path he must take to achieve his lofty goals.

Moreover, without a large group standing at his flank, Barrett is not likely to attract overwhelming opposition forces. In the past, A-list Superstars such as John Cena and Big Show were quick to take on the cause of vanquishing what they saw as a huge threat to the entire WWE. Since the Barrage is a solitary quest by one Superstar, these same forces might never see him coming.

Furthermore, without other competitors watching Barrett’s back, the English Superstar will be less likely to get soft – often one of the side effects that comes with depending on others. The Barrage will allow him to remain razor-sharp as he pursues great wealth and the World Heavyweight Title.

Above all else, the Barrett Barrage gives The Bare-knuckle Brawler unprecedented focus. With such a single-minded determination in place, the needs of one will surely outdo the needs of the many.

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