DiBiase responds to Mahal: “Be a man!”

DiBiase responds to Mahal: “Be a man!”

When Jinder Mahal interrupted Ted DiBiase’s bout with Heath Slater on SmackDown – accusing the third-generation competitor of forsaking his family’s wealth by choosing to associate himself with the “mere commoners” of the DiBiase Posse – the once-egotistical Superstar couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of déjà vu. ( WATCH | PHOTOS)

“It brought back some memories,” DiBiase told WWE.com, thinking back to his days when he would flaunt his massive trust fund and seemingly limitless resources to the WWE Universe in arenas around the world. “I know Jinder’s type. He’s exactly who I was. I used to care about money and prestige above all else, and I thought those were the things that defined me. But that’s exactly the opposite of who I am today.”

Indeed, each and every week, the son of WWE Hall of Famer “The Million Dollar Man” now devotedly attends tailgating parties thrown by members of the DiBiase Posse – a passionate assemblage of WWE fans that goes to great lengths to show appreciation for their hero.

“These people look up to me, and I’m going to share my experiences with them and make them the stars,” the former bearer of the Million Dollar Championship explained. “That’s what the parties are all about: getting to know the fans, and getting them to know me.”

The Posse had reason to celebrate on Monday night after DiBiase put away Heath Slater with Dream Street, followed up by a Tim Tebow-inspired victory pose no less. DiBiase didn’t let Mahal’s verbal attack throw him off in the ring, but he did have some strong words of his own for the Punjabi Superstar following the incident.

“I don’t know where that came from, but I do know that he couldn’t come out to the ring and say it to me in person,” DiBiase said assertively. “He had to say it on the TitanTron from the locker room area. Jinder, be a man, say what you have to say to my face and we’ll throw down.”

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