Aksana skirts her SmackDown intentions

Aksana skirts her SmackDown intentions

The alluring Aksana has been heating up SmackDown for several weeks now, paying particularly close attention to Friday night’s top dog, General Manager Theodore Long (WATCH).

However, when Teddy Long and the delicious Diva were caught in a precarious position by legendary WWE Diva Trish Stratus – no stranger to similar misunderstandings herself in the past – WWE.com looked to get to the bottom of things.

Although Aksana refused to reveal her intentions on SmackDown in a WWE.com Exclusive video, she did take quite a noticeable interest in the cameraman. It seems the WWE Universe will have to wait to see what’s up her sultry sleeve.

WATCH as Aksana serves as special ring announcer in a Divas Match on SmackDown
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