Ted DiBiase strikes back!

Ted DiBiase strikes back!

TORONTO – Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes goes to “great expense” to provide head-covering paper bags to hide WWE Universe members’ so-called “ugliness” at every opportunity. However, this week on Friday Night SmackDown, he paid an even greater price for betraying his longtime Legacy ally Ted DiBiase, who finally retaliated against the masked Superstar with a paper bag-assisted sneak attack.

“I don’t remember the last time anything felt that good,” DiBiase told WWE.com moments after shocking his former “life coach” with a devastating surprise assault and hitting him with Dream Street.

The last time Rhodes and DiBiase came face to face (or face to mask, in this case) was three weeks ago on Friday Night SmackDown, where DiBiase suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of World Heavyweight Champion and former Legacy leader Randy Orton. Rhodes accompanied DiBiase to the ring that night, but he offered little in the way of support for his cohort after the match.

“To add fuel to the fire after losing, Cody comes in and I think he’s helping me up, but then he hits me with Cross Rhodes,” DiBiase recounted. “Then, he bags me, a guy who he was calling his friend, a guy who has so much history with him. We’ve been through it all. We experienced some ups – some really high ups as World Tag Team Champions – and we experienced some downs, but you know, what he did to me was uncalled for. Now it’s all about retribution and sweet justice.”

As he searched for Rhodes in the locker room area of Toronto’s Air Canada Centre, DiBiase revealed how he plans to further punish the twisted and bitter Rhodes this Sunday at Night of Champions.

“I’m going to take what’s most precious to him and that is the Intercontinental Championship,” DiBiase affirmed.

Will Ted DiBiase capture Cody Rhodes’ precious Intercontinental Championship at Night of Champions? Or has DiBiase made a mistake in incensing the twisted and bitter Rhodes? Share your thoughts with the rest of the WWE Universe on Facebook and Twitter!

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