Sin Cara's secret advantage?

Sin Cara's secret advantage?

Perhaps the WWE Universe couldn’t see the truth in the dark of the arena during Sin Cara’s gold and blue hued in-ring performances.

Competing in the glow of alluring, uniquely colored arena lights, the masked man seemed like a superhero that’d landed in WWE with pure intentions when he debuted this past April. But some uncertainty has surfaced regarding the radiant beams that’ve accompanied Sin Cara’s matches, leaving many wondering if the lighting is an unfair advantage the Mexican sensation has leveraged for months. Can his success be attributed to the custom-lit squared circle?

Not since Kane’s initial fear-inducing first few months in WWE has an entire arena light scheme been adjusted to the taste of an individual Superstar. In 1997, the masked Big Red Monster used this element to intimidate opponents, the scarlet lighting significantly modifying not just the actual environment but also the mood of the match. From Vader to Mankind, many men fell to the dominant demon, who thrived while his challengers struggled with their disorientation within a crimson red murk.

embedcolon25032304Over the course of four months, Sin Cara has trumped foes of all sizes, including his share of former World Champions, while soaked in the indigo haze now associated with the fleet-footed Superstar from Mexico City. Given his unsportsmanlike kick to a defeated Daniel Bryan on Tuesday’s live SuperSmackDown (WATCH), the costumed warrior and his practices have been called into question.

“Blue lighting or not, I didn’t see Sin Cara’s post-match kick to my head coming," explained Daniel Bryan, who is currently performing in Geneva, Switzerland, and thus, kept his comments terse. The submission specialist agreed to discuss the Sin Cara situation more when he returns stateside.

Sin Cara peers at Daniel Bryan“I don’t know if Sin Cara is more comfortable with his blue lighting but I can tell you that it was shocking for me the first time I had to compete in it. It may give him an advantage,” admitted WWE Tag Team Champion Evan Bourne, who’s faced off with Sin Cara on Raw. “Is there anything in the WWE rulebook about lighting being considered interference? Also, I wonder if it makes his matches harder for our fans to watch.”

Do you think the WWE Universe may have been blinded by the light this whole time? Is Sin Cara hiding a scheme under his elaborate mask? Or is the Mexican sensation simply misunderstood? Share your opinion on and

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