SmackDown results: He did it for the 'Money'

SmackDown results: He did it for the 'Money'

PHOENIX, Ariz. – Eight SmackDown Superstars learned they will compete at Money in the Bank (Preview), while a surprise attack from Sheamus raised questions about a World Heavyweight Championship Match at the pay-per-view. Plus, a WWE audio technician was sent to a local medical facility after a brutal assault by Mark Henry (FULL STORY).

Sheamus crashed the World Heavyweight Championship contract signing (WATCH | PHOTOS)
At odds for weeks, Christian and World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton were prepared for one more battle at Money in the Bank. With legal counsel at his side, Christian pointed out a clause in the contract stating that if the referee makes a bad call at Money in the Bank, he receives an immediate rematch. However, moments after Orton signed the contract, Sheamus stormed the ring and attacked both Superstars before Christian could officially sign. After assaulting both Superstars, The Celtic Warrior tore the contract to shreds, raising question if there will be a World Heavyweight Title Match at Money in the Bank.

Kane soars toward BarrettKane def. Wade Barrett (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Kane and Wade Barrett – both set to compete in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match – slugged it out in a very physical battle that could have gone the way of either Superstar. Yet it was the veteran Kane who avoided Wasteland and put away Barrett with a monstrous chokelsam.

Cody Rhodes def. Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson in a Non-Title Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Powerhouse Ezekiel Jackson was looking good against Cody Rhodes – until Ted DiBiase got involved. When DiBiase climbed on the ring apron, Jackson slammed his head into the steel ring post. The momentary distraction was just enough, though, for Rhodes to strike with the Cross Rhodes. Perhaps DiBiase earned a bit of redemption in Rhodes’ eyes, after losing to Daniel Bryan earlier in the night.

Christian def. Sin Cara (WATCH | PHOTOS)
At the start of the night, Christian was stunned that SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long would not grant him the World Heavyweight Title Match that he felt he earned last week (WATCH). In fact, Long revealed he wasn’t sure who would compete for the title, suggesting that perhaps Mark Henry would get a bid. Later, the only thing Long was certain of was that Christian would face Sin Cara (WATCH).

Christian spears Sin CaraWhen the match began, Christian showed some frustration as to how to best deal with the International sensation. Yet in the end, he tore a page from the playbook of his friend Edge, and put away Sin Cara with a spear.

Ranjin Singh revealed who Jinder Mahal is (WATCH)
In an exclusive interview, The Great Khali’s brother Ranjin Singh revealed that Jinder Mahal is their brother-in-law!

Daniel Bryan def. Ted DiBiase (WATCH | PHOTOS)
Both Daniel Bryan and Ted DiBiase displayed excellent athleticism in an exciting, back-and-forth contest. However, it was a new submission maneuver from Bryan which forced DiBiase to tap out. The loss did not sit well with Cody Rhodes (WATCH).

World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton def. Mark Henry in a World Title Qualifying Match (WATCH | PHOTOS)
There’s probably no Superstar more dangerous in WWE right now than Mark Henry. And with a Money in the Bank World Title opportunity on the line, he’d be even more unpredictable – and the reigning champion knew it.Mark Henry attacks

When Orton and Henry tangled outside the ring, The Viper received a helping hand from a mysterious source as Big Show's entrance began to play. Seizing the moment, Orton dropped Henry with an RKO, then slithered back in the ring, winning the match by count-out. After recovering from the RKO and realizing what went down, The World’s Strongest Man took out his frustration by brutalizing a WWE audio technician and trashing his equipment. The unconscious technician was taken to a local medical facility immediately following the assault (FULL STORY | WATCH).


  • World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton def. Mark Henry (World Heavyweight Title Qualifying Match)
  • Daniel Bryan def. Ted DiBiase
  • Christian def. Sin Cara
  • Cody Rhodes def. Intercontinental Champion Ezekiel Jackson (Non-Title Match)
  • Kane def. Wade Barrett

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