12 SmackDown moments that rocked Syfy

In honor of SmackDown's one-year anniversary on Syfy, WWE.com presents 12 great moments of their monumental television partnership:

embedcolon25034171Sept. 16, 2011
After an ultra-competitive match between Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan, a second Sin Cara suddenly emerged, leaping into the ring to the same exact entrance music and look as the first! Staring each other down in the middle of the ring, the dual Sin Caras left the WWE Universe in a storm of uncertainly as to just what was going on and who was who.



embedcolon25032207Aug. 30, 2011    
In a special Live SuperSmackDown, featuring Superstars from SmackDown and Raw, Randy Orton and Christian battled it out in a World Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage main event. After the match, Mark Henry emerged to lay waste to WWE’s victorious Apex Predator.



embedcolon25029782Aug. 12, 2011
Cody Rhodes ushered in a new era in WWE history when he defeated Ezekiel Jackson for the Intercontinental Championship. This important victory paved the way to WWE Hell in a Cell, when the bitter Superstar reinstituted the classic Intercontinental Title worn by WWE legends like Bret "Hit Man" Hart, Randy "Macho Man" Savage and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. (PHOTOS)


embedcolon25021469July 15, 2011
A fuming Big Show journeyed to SmackDown looking for Alberto Del Rio. When SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long put him in a match against Mark Henry, The World’s Largest Athlete unleashed a vicious attack on his opponent before the bell even rang. Later, when Del Rio quickly retreated from the giant's pursuit, Big Show proceeded to rip the ringside area to shreds.  


embedcolon25014094May 6, 2011
Just five days after winning his first World Heavyweight Championship, Christian attempted to defend it against Randy Orton. However, The Viper turned his opponent's dreams into a nightmare when he hit the RKO to end Christian's reign as quickly as it began.



embedcolon25013042April 29, 2011
Following the 2011 WWE Draft, the emerging and exiting SmackDown Superstars clashed in a night of all-out mayhem.





embedcolon25010657April 15, 2011
On the same night that Edge's shocking retirement from WWE called for him to officially surrender his World Heavyweight Championship, 20 SmackDown Superstars competed in an epic Battle Royal to earn the opportunity to face No. 1 contender Alberto Del Rio for the vacant World Title at Extreme Rules.


embedcolon25001158March 11, 2011
Former multi-time tag team champions Edge & Christian reunited for the first time in nearly a decade, bringing the fight to Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay.





embedcolon17043426Feb. 18, 2011
Returning from a mysterious attack, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long reinstated Edge, paving the way for The Rated-R Superstar to defeat Dolph Ziggler for the World Heavyweight Title. As the smoke cleared, The bleach blond Superstar was unceremoniously fired, much to the delight of the WWE Universe.

embedcolon16545334Dec. 10, 2010
Following several weeks of mind games having to do with his abduction of Paul Bearer, Edge tricked Kane into pushing The Father of Destruction off an extremely high overhang, sending the wheelchair and its dark occupant crashing to the concrete floor below.



embedcolon16079928Oct. 22, 2010
Moments after the lights going out allowed Randy Orton to defeat Kane, The Undertaker emerged through the bottom of the ring - grabbing hold of his horrific half-brother and pulling him down into the dark depths.




embedcolon15903112Oct. 1, 2010
Amid a live celebration that ushered in the  explosive tag team alliance of SmackDown and Syfy, John Cena battled World Heavyweight Champion Kane in a Lumberjack Match, Edge Speared Jack Swagger’s All-American American Mascot, The Nexus invaded Friday night and The Phenom competed for the first time since reuniting with Paul Bearer.

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