Baron Corbin def. Zack Ryder

Zack Ryder vs. Baron Corbin: SmackDown, April 14, 2016

Long Island Iced-Z goes head-to-head against The Lone Wolf.

With no time to prepare for his intimidating foe, Zack Ryder was at a severe disadvantage. Despite this drawback, the former Intercontinental Champion delivered a spirited fight to Baron Corbin. Unfortunately for Long Island Iced-Z, he lost the hard-fought contest after running straight into The Lone Wolf’s devastating finisher: the End of Days.

The callous Corbin was not done, however, as he looked ready to inflict further damage to his SmackDown opponent. His post-match assault was cut off, though, as Dolph Ziggler rushed the ring looking for payback for Corbin’s attack on him less than two weeks ago. The Showoff successfully blocked the cutthroat Superstar from inflicting further damage, but was unable to connect with a superkick as the loner Superstar escaped.

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