Roman Reigns and AJ Styles sized up the competition

Roman Reigns and AJ Styles sized up the competition

HOUSTON — The three-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns kicked off SmackDown, fresh off his epic World Title WrestleMania victory over Triple H. The Big Dog made it clear that he is ready to take on all comers and explained that he is not the good guy or the bad guy; he’s the guy!

It wasn’t long before his new No. 1 contender AJ Styles interrupted, three nights after earning that distinction on Raw by defeating a returning Cesaro, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho in a Fatal 4-Way Match set up by Shane McMahon.

Though the interaction between the two Superstars was not necessarily hostile, they did seem to be sizing each other up for their impending showdown. While Styles made it clear that he had been the champion all over the world, The Big Dog asserted that to be the champion in WWE, The Phenomenal One would have to have beat him for the World Title. Reigns then closed out their interaction by saying that Styles never beat him and never will.

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