Should Ambrose be more afraid of The Beast or The Wyatt Family?

Brock Lesnar, Dean Ambrose and The Wyatt Family all go to war: SmackDown, March 24, 2016

En route to his Show of Shows No Holds Barred Street Fight against Dean Ambrose at WrestleMania, The Beast takes out everybody in sight.

Three days before his No Holds Barred Street Fight against Brock Lesnar, Dean Ambrose is scheduled to take on a member of the most dangerous families in the WWE. Going up against Erick Rowan, and possiblythe rest of The Wyatt Family, and just before his brutal match on The Grandest Stage of The All, proves without a shadow of doubt that the unstable Ambrose might officially need to be committed – especially since Bray Wyatt and his flock have been so obsessed with both him and Lesnar since their WrestleMania showdown was announced.

Watch as Ambrose collects implements of destruction on Raw

With the threat of Lesnar and Paul Heyman looming so close, will The Lunatic Fringe be focused enough to make it out of SmackDown in one piece? If he does, perhaps he’ll try to collect The Wyatt Family as another weapon in his WrestleMania fracas against The Beast this Sunday.

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