Will Roman Reigns pave a path of destruction through SmackDown?

Roman Reigns halts The Authority's escape: Raw, March 21, 2016

As Triple H and Stephanie McMahon attempt to flee the arena, Roman Reigns confronts The Game and sparks a brawl in the parking lot.

On the surface it seemed like WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H’s callous attack on Roman Reigns back on the Feb. 22 Raw was a strategic win for The Cerebral Assassin. He did, after all, shatter The Big Dog’s nose and leave him bloodied and beaten. The vicious assault seems to have ignited a furious fire never before seen within the black-clad Superstar, though.

WrestleMania 32 preview: WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple H vs. Roman Reigns

After returning the favor to The Game with his own brutal attack on March 14, a fiercely focused Reigns stopped The Authority’s attempt to escape Raw on Monday when he attacked WWE’s Chief Operating Officer in the parking lot. With the champion on the run and The Big Dog foaming from the mouth, will we see the determined Reigns continue his unabashed defiance of authority this Thursday night on SmackDown?

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