Sasha Banks def. Charlotte

Sasha Banks def. Charlotte

BOSTON — Divas Champion Charlotte kicked off SmackDown and claimed that she will put an end to the “so-called Divas Revolution” at WrestleMania by disposing of both Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. In its place, she will launch the “ ‘Wooooo!’Revolution.”

When the action of her subsequent showdown against hometown hero Sasha moved outside the ring, Charlotte threw The Boss right into Becky and caused her to inadvertently slug The Irish Lass Kicker. Then back in the ring, Sasha had the presence of mind to counter Charlotte’s Figure-Eight Leglock attempt, cinching in the small package for the huge win over the titleholder.

But as the smoke was still clearing, a livid Becky launched a post-match retaliatory strike on her WrestleMania opponents with back-to-back Bexplexes. Not to be outdone, The Boss recovered in time to hit the reeling Divas Champion with a Backstabber

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