Kevin Owens def. Big Show by Count-Out

Kevin Owens def. Big Show by Count-Out

Earlier in the day in a Facebook exclusive, Kevin Owens offered an Intercontinental Championship rematch to Dean Ambrose. The Lunatic Fringe was not in the building, however, following Brock Lesnar’s attack on Monday’s Raw. That’s when Big Show stepped into the picture, more than happy to give the brash titleholder a challenge of gigantic proportions. 

Look back at the history of the Intercontinental Championship 

In the hard-fought, subsequent SmackDown contest, the two Superstars brawled all the way to the top rope. There, The Prizefighter caught the giant off-guard when he took out his leg and sent The World’s Largest Athlete crashing down onto the ropes.

Writhing in pain, Big Show fell to the ringside floor and Owens was ultimately awarded a victory by count-out. 

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