Our fans' picks for the Rumble draw

Our fans' picks for the Rumble draw

Which WWE Superstar will you be cheering for when the Royal Rumble rolls into Madison Square Garden on Jan. 27? It's no secret that whoever draws spot No. 30 is at a clear advantage over whoever picks No. 1. We asked our fans who they'd like to see in the most valuable and the most disadvantageous spots in this year's Rumble.

I hope Undertaker will draw No. 30 again, and win two Rumbles in a row this year. No one can stop The Deadman! I want Carlito to get spot No. 1. How cool would the Caribbean Superstar be then? Yeah, not so cool.
-- Dana from Canton, Ohio

I think the littlest Royal Rumble contender -- Hornswoggle -- deserves to draw the 30th spot. The Great Khali is so huge, he can handle the difficulty of being No. 1.
-- Mark from Los Angeles

Since Umaga was the first Superstar to qualify for the Rumble, I think he should have the honor of taking spot No. 1. Undertaker should get spot No. 30 because he won last year's Rumble.
-- Christopher from Louisville, Ky.

I want Big Daddy V to draw the No. 1 spot. Let's see if the big guy has the stamina to last the entire Rumble. I want Triple H to enter last, at No. 30. The Game hasn't won the Royal Rumble in six years, and it's his turn to be victorious.
-- Mike from Orlando, Fla.

Mr. Kennedy should put his money where his mouth is and enter at No. 1. We'll see if the loudmouth can handle that. I hope Batista gets the No. 30 draw. He's guaranteed a Rumble win that way.
-- Jessica from San Antonio

HBK is going to draw No. 30. Shawn Michaels was last year's runner-up, but this year he's going to win the Rumble. I hope John Morrison has to enter the Rumble first. Without The Miz there to help him, Morrison is useless.
-- Megan from Arlington, Texas

Undertaker is going to get the last spot in this year's Rumble. He's going to win the Rumble and then win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. On the other hand, I hope Santino Marella draws the first spot. He doesn't even deserve to be in the Rumble.
-- Sharon from Allentown, Pa.

I hope Triple H draws No. 30 in the Royal Rumble. He won an Over-the-Top-Rope Gauntlet Match to get into the Rumble, and he's going to win on Sunday. I hope Mr. Kennedy gets the No. 1 spot. He was given a Rumble spot by Raw GM William Regal. He didn't even have to win a match to get in!
-- Jason from Greenville, S.C.

I'd like to see The Miz draw the No. 1 spot and get thrown over the top rope in a matter of minutes. Someone needs to put that guy in his place. Batista should get the 30th spot. The Animal is overdue for a Rumble victory -- he hasn't won since 2005.
-- Sam from Monroe, La.

I'm a huge SmackDown fan, and I think Kane should get the No. 30 spot in the Royal Rumble. The Big Red Machine is going to bulldoze his way through the other participants and win this year's Rumble. On the other hand, I don't like Jamie Noble. He should get spot No. 1. All he had to do was beat Chuck Palumbo to get in there!
-- Amy from Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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