Family ties

Family ties

On ECW on Sci Fi, the newly forged "Guerrero family" drew more gold into its opportunistic camp with Chavo's ECW Title snare, proving that -- as stated by SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero -- the "family that stays together, wins together."

In addition to the World Heavyweight Champion and the new ECW Champion, this familial faction also boasts the manipulative GM of Friday nights -- not to mention their extended family of sorts in Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. With such an incredible assemblage of Superstars, this force is possibly the most formidable in WWE today.

What a difference an embrace makes. Just one week ago on SmackDown, Chavo Guerrero buried the hatchet with his aunt Vickie and the Rated-R Superstar, citing his acceptance of their relationship and willingness to be "one, big happy family." Days later, Edge stood in Chavo's corner and landed a critical spear on the Straightedge Superstar that would drastically alter the landscape of ECW and sports-entertainment. (WATCH)

Despite the tremendous fight of Punk, the tattooed ECW Superstar could not overcome the disadvantage of having to compete with not just his opponent, not just a sudden change in match rules to "No Disqualification," but also the Ultimate Opportunist. This Sunday at the Royal Rumble, another Superstar must contend with similarly stacked odds: The Master of the 619.

Of course, the game has significantly changed for Mysterio in his hunt for Edge's title. More so than even Vickie, the new ECW Champion knows Mysterio better than anyone else in WWE. Given his storied, yet tarnished history with Chavo, the masked challenger must know that the Guerrero clan has concocted a vile plan.

Will Mysterio -- a former World Champion -- come to New York City this Sunday prepared to take on the remodeled version of the family he once considered himself a part of? Might the No. 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Champion find reinforcements in the form of fellow Guerrero family rival, CM Punk? Can either of these men reclaim the respective titles they have strived to secure?

More importantly, as the Road to WrestleMania XXIV begins at the Royal Rumble, will the Guerrero family stay together -- bound by its nefarious ways -- or will the Master of the 619 find a way in Madison Square Garden?

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