Kid Kash on WWE Instant Access

Immediately after losing the Cruiserweight Championship in a six-Superstar Invitational, Kid Kash sat down with Here is what he had to say: Do you feel that Gregory Helms belonged in this match tonight due to the fact he was a RAW superstar?

Kash: He's not even on this damn show! Why would he be here? Who the hell let him in the ring? During Armageddon's Instant Access, you said that you were the greatest cruiserweight alive today. Now that you are no longer the champion, does that statement still stand true?

Kash: It doesn't matter. I'm still the greatest Cruiserweight in the history of wrestling. And besides, Gregory Helms didn't beat me! What's next for Kid Kash? Are you targeting Helms?

Kash: I'm going to target anybody who comes even remotely near the cruiserweight division or near my belt. That's my belt, mind you! If I gotta meet Helms in the parking lot, I will.

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