Jimmy Hart's Royal Rumble predictions

"The Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart has managed dozens of WWE Superstars over the years, including several at the first ever Royal Rumble in 1988. With his bright and colorful jackets and his trademark megaphone, this WWE Hall of Famer has accompanied the likes of Hulk Hogan, Honky Tonk Man and the Hart Foundation to the ring. In fact, he managed the first-ever entrant in Royal Rumble history - Bret "Hit Man" Hart.

Mickie James vs. Ashley with Trish Stratus as the special guest referee
Jimmy Hart's pick: Undecided

I'm going with Trish. I know she's just the referee, but I think the winner will be whoever she wants to win.

JBL vs. Boogeyman
Jimmy Hart's pick: JBL

When the music stops and the worms are eaten, it will be all over. I'm going with JBL.

John Cena vs. Edge for the WWE Championship
Jimmy Hart's pick: John Cena
I gotta go with John Cena. They say behind every good man is a good woman. I think that will bring Edge down before it's over with. If she left one guy like she did (with Matt Hardy) she can do it again. Never trust a woman. Go with John Cena.

Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship
Jimmy Hart's pick: Kurt Angle
I'm going with Kurt Angle. He's an Olympic Champion and has a lot of heart.

The Royal Rumble
Jimmy Hart's pick: Triple H
I gotta go with Triple H. I think he's the hottest Superstar right now. He has the best body. He's the best talker. He's the best dresser. And he has the second best entrance music behind my song Sexy Boy.

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