Mick Foley's Royal Rumble predictions

Hardcore Legend Mick Foley has tangled with many of this year's Royal Rumble participants. And as a three-time WWE Champion, Foley knows what it's like to battle on the big pay-per-view stage with it all on the line. So, WWE.com contacted Foley at his home to get his unique perspective on this year's Royal Rumble matches:


Mickie James vs. Ashley with Trish Stratus as the special guest referee
Foley's pick: Ashley
I look for the jealousy of Mickie James to be a distraction causing Ashley to score a quick victory.

JBL vs. Boogeyman
Foley's pick: Undecided
I don't have a prediction for who wins or loses; I can only predict that it will be strange.

John Cena vs. Edge for the WWE Championship
Foley's pick: Edge
I think Edge would rather die at this point than relinquish the WWE Championship. If Edge were to lose, then we literally would have seen the peak of his career come and go in two week's time.

Kurt Angle vs. Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship
Foley's pick: Kurt Angle
I think Mark Henry has been awesome, but I don't see him being able to keep up with Kurt after 10-minute mark. I don't see Kurt Angle losing to anyone in less than 10 minutes.

The Royal Rumble
Foley's pick: RVD
I look for Rob Van Dam to make the biggest impact of all by winning the Royal Rumble Match. I think the fans have missed him, and this would be his way of telling the fans that he's missed them, too … and that he's back.

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