Also in 1995

The following events also occurred in 1995...

Friends and ER become two of television's most watched shows.

Mel Gibson shined in Braveheart and Kevin Costner sunk in Waterworld.

Children everywhere flocked to the box office to see Toy Story.

The Budweiser frogs made their first appearances in commercials.

Pogs became the latest fad.

Sony entered the video game world with the Sony Playstation.

America Online, instant messaging and chatrooms became a nationwide craze.

Drew Barrymore flashed David Letterman on The Late Show.

Hugh Grant made headlines after soliciting a prostitute.

Hootie and the Blowfish, TLC and Bone Thugs N Harmony ruled the airwaves.

Elizabeth Berkley's infamous Showgirls hit movie theaters everywhere, but was labeled with an NC-17 rating.

Tattoos and piercings became the latest "cool thing to do."

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