Rumble Match


Hulk Hogan (spot No. 24) wins the Royal Rumble Match

There was no denying the "Immortal" Hulk Hogan in the 1991 Royal Rumble Match. Hogan became the first-ever Superstar to win two Rumbles (and back-to-back Rumbles) when he last eliminated the gigantic Earthquake and settled an old score. The final four were British Bulldog, Earthquake, Nasty Boy Brian Knobs and Hogan. This was Undertaker's first Royal Rumble Match, and The Phenom dumped three Superstars before being double-teamed by Legion of Doom. Bushwacker Luke spent the shortest time ever in a Rumble when he entered and left in a record three seconds.


  1. Bret "Hit Man" Hart
  2. Dino Bravo
  3. Greg Valentine
  4. Paul Roma
  5. Kerry Von Erich
  6. Rick Martel
  7. Saba Simba
  8. Bushwaker Butch
  9. Jake "The Snake" Roberts
  10. Hercules
  11. Tito Santana
  12. Undertaker
  13. Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
  14. British Bulldog
  15. Smash
  16. Hawk
  17. Shane Douglas
  18. Randy "Macho Man" Savage
  19. Animal
  20. Crush
  21. Hacksaw Jim Duggan
  22. Earthquake
  23. Mr. Perfect
  24. Hulk Hogan
  25. Haku
  26. Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart
  27. Bushwacker Luke
  28. Brian Knobs
  29. Warlord
  30. Tugboat


  1. Dino Bravo by Valentine
  2. Saba Simba by Martel
  3. Paul Roma by Jake Roberts
  4. Bret Hart by Undertaker
  5. Butch by Undertaker
  6. Jake Roberts by Martel
  7. Kerry Von Erich by Undertaker
  8. Jimmy Snuka by Hawk
  9. Randy Savage by himself
  10. Undertaker by Road Warriors Hawk and Animal
  11. Hawk by Rick Martel
  12. Road Warrior Animal by Earthquake
  13. Jim Duggan by Mr. Perfect
  14. Smash by Hogan
  15. Greg Valentine by Hogan
  16. Tito Santana by Earthquake
  17. Bushwacker Luke by Earthquake
  18. Hercules by Brian Knobs
  19. Crush by Hulk Hogan
  20. Warlord by Hulk Hogan
  21. Shane Douglas by Brian Knobs
  22. Tugboat by Hulk Hogan
  23. Mr. Perfect by British Bulldog
  24. Jim Neidhart by Rick Martel
  25. Haku by British Bulldog
  26. Martel by British Bulldog
  27. Bulldog by Earthquake & Brian Knobs
  28. Brian Knobs by Hogan
  29. Earthquake by Hogan

WINNER: Hulk Hogan

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