Rumble Match

Stone Cold (No. 27) wins the Royal Rumble Match

Stone Cold entered at spot No. 27 and went on to win the Royal Rumble Match for a record third time. A Superstar has won the Rumble from No. 27 four times. Before he was the last man eliminated from the 2001 Rumble, Kane set a record by eliminating 10 Superstars by himself. He also recorded an additional elimination with the help of Undertaker. Also in 2001, Drew Carrey became the first celebrity entrant into the Royal Rumble. He eliminated himself after being scared off by Kane. 


  1. Jeff Hardy
  2. Bull Buchanan
  3. Matt Hardy
  4. Faarooq
  5. Drew Carrey
  6. Kane
  7. Raven
  8. Al Snow
  9. Perry Saturn
  10. Steve Blackman
  11. Grand Master Sexay
  12. Honky Tonk Man
  13. The Rock
  14. The Goodfather
  15. Tazz
  16. JBL
  17. Albert
  18. Hardcore Holly
  19. K-Kwik
  20. Val Venis
  21. William Regal
  22. Test
  23. Big Show
  24. Crash Holly
  25. Undertaker
  26. Scotty Too Hotty
  27. Stone Cold
  28. Billy Gunn
  29. Haku
  30. Rikishi


  1. Buchanan by Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy
  2. Faarooq by Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy
  3. Matt Hardy by Jeff Hardy
  4. Jeff Hardy by Matt Hardy
  5. Drew Carrey by himself
  6. Grand Master Sexay by Kane
  7. Steve Blackman by Kane
  8. Al Snow by Kane
  9. Raven by Kane
  10. Saturn by Kane
  11. Honky Tonk Man by Kane
  12. Goodfather by Rock
  13. Tazz by Kane
  14. William Regal by Test
  15. Test by Big Show
  16. K-Kwik by Big Show
  17. Big Show by The Rock
  18. JBL by Undertaker
  19. Crash Holly by Kane
  20. Albert by Kane
  21. Hardcore Holly by Undertaker
  22. Val Venis by Undertaker
  23. Scotty 2 Hotty by Kane and Undertaker
  24. Haku by Stone Cold
  25. Undertaker by Rikishi
  26. Rikishi by The Rock
  27. Bill Gunn by Stone Cold
  28. The Rock by Kane
  29. Kane by Stone Cold

WINNER: Stone Cold

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