Rumble Match

Triple H (spot No. 22) wins the Royal Rumble Match

"The Game" earned his only Royal Rumble Match victory in 2002, last eliminating Kurt Angle -- much to the Olympic gold medalist's dismay. During this match, Maven shocked everyone by eliminating Undertaker, who was a dangerous Royal Rumble Match threat. The Phenom then made Maven pay dearly for his actions. After Stone Cold's elimination, he re-entered the ring with a chair and got some payback. Mr. Perfect was also a member of the final four participants.


  1. Rikishi
  2. Goldust
  3. Big Bossman
  4. JBL
  5. Lance Storm
  6. Al Snow
  7. Billy Gunn
  8. Undertaker
  9. Matt Hardy
  10. Jeff Hardy
  11. Maven
  12. Scotty Too Hotty
  13. Christian
  14. Diamond Dallas Page
  15. Chuck Palumbo
  16. The Godfather
  17. Albert
  18. Perry Saturn
  19. Steve Austin
  20. Val Venis
  21. Test
  22. Triple H
  23. The Hurricane
  24. Farooq
  25. Mr. Perfect
  26. Kurt Angle
  27. Big Show
  28. Kane
  29. Rob Van Dam
  30. Booker T


  1. Big Bossman by Rikishi
  2. Lance Storm by Al Snow
  3. JBL by Goldust
  4. Goldust by Undertaker
  5. Al Snow by Undertaker
  6. Rikishi by Undertaker
  7. Billy Gunn by Undertaker
  8. Jeff Hardy by Undertaker
  9. Matt Hardy by Undertaker
  10. Undertaker by Maven
  11. Maven by Undertaker
  12. Diamond Dallas Page by Christian
  13. Albert
  14. Godfather by Billy and Chuck
  15. Scotty Too Hotty by Chuck
  16. Christian by Stone Cold
  17. Chuck by Stone Cold
  18. Saturn by Stone Cold
  19. Val Venis by Stone Cold
  20. Test by Stone Cold
  21. The Hurricane by Triple H and Stone Cold
  22. Farooq by Stone Cold
  23. Big Show by Kane
  24. Kane by Angle
  25. Rob Van Dam by Booker T
  26. Booker T by Stone Cold
  27. Stone Cold by Kurt Angle
  28. Mr. Perfect by Triple H
  29. Angle by Triple H

WINNER: Triple H

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