Chase Field to serve Royal Rumble burger on Sunday

Chase Field to serve Royal Rumble burger on Sunday

Looking for an easy way to guarantee you will never, ever be thrown over the top rope — or, indeed, be physically able to stand — ever again? Behold the Royal Rumble burger, a jaw-dropping super-food that Chase Field will be serving this Sunday during the Royal Rumble event. This piece of meaty magnificence features a pork bratwurst bacon cheeseburger, cheddar, fried onions and a tower of mac & cheese wedges to top off the whole thing. It’s … a lot.

The stadium, which is known for its outrageous meals during baseball season, revealed the burger on Twitter Wednesday night to general reactions of disbelief, hunger and complete and utter FOMO. (Seth Rollins is already salivating.)

Take a look at the burger below, and if you’re in the house on Sunday (click here to get tickets), be sure to eat one — just maybe not around Daniel Bryan.

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