The Fink’s Royal Rumble Memories: 2003-2007

The Fink’s Royal Rumble Memories: 2003-2007

The Royal Rumble has been one of WWE’s most unusual and unpredictable events. From what I would call the “best seat in the house,” I‘ve witnessed - and on many occasions introduced - a number of defining occurrences through the years. Therefore, as we celebrate the 25th edition of this long-running WWE staple on Jan. 29, revisits some of the magical moments that took place over the past 24 Royal Rumbles - some from the Royal Rumble Matches themselves, others from clashes that took place in the titularly named pay-per-view event.


embedcolon25054439BROCK 'N' ROLL TO 'MANIA
Boston, Mass.
Brock + Boston = Brilliant. The Superstar known as “The Next Big Thing” had two mountains to climb that night, and succeeded. Lesnar first won a qualifying match against Big Show that punched his ticket into the Royal Rumble Match, then continued his momentum by winning the 30-man event, thus earning him a WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania XIX.

1/24/04 – Philadelphia, Pa.

There was no “brotherly love” between Triple H and Shawn Michaels on this occasion. The two squared off in a Last Man Standing Match for the World Heavyweight Championship. However, both men’s human energy tanks were emptied out in this intense battle, and the end result was that neither man could answer the ring official’s 10-count. By that point, only the capacity crowd remained standing in appreciation.

embedcolon25054110TIE GOES TO THE ANIMAL
Fresno, Calif.
Another brutally competitive Royal Rumble Match took place in Fresno. As was the case between Lex Luger and Bret Hart 11 years earlier in Providence, R.I., the final two competitors in this match, John Cena and Batista, were simultaneously eliminated, once again evoking a controversy between referees and fans alike. However, when an irate Mr. McMahon demanded that this match continue, The Animal succeeded in sending Cena over the top rope.

embedcolon25054111 REY OF HOPE
Miami, Fla.
Having drawn the No. 2 entry, the dynamic Rey Mysterio competed for more than an hour – a record time that remains. By out-lasting the other 29 entrants, The Master of the 619 won his first-ever Royal Rumble Match – a victory he dedicated to his late friend, Eddie Guerrero.



embedcolon25054112A PHENOMENAL WIN
San Antonio, Texas
It was an extremely successful evening for The Undertaker for two reasons: Not only did he win his very first Royal Rumble Match, but The Phenom also became the first Superstar in WWE history to have won this prestigious event after entering at No. 30. Many would also surmise that it fueled the fire for two historic WrestleMania confrontations between The Phenom and runner-up Shawn Michaels.



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