WWE Tag Team Champions Big E & Kofi Kingston def. Sheamus & King Barrett

WWE Tag Team Champions Big E & Kofi Kingston def. Sheamus & King Barrett
The New Day vs. The League of Nations - WWE Tag Team Title Match: WWE Roadblock 2016

Kofi Kingston and Big E defend the WWE Tag Team Titles against King Barrett and Sheamus: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.

TORONTO — Wheaties may have some competition for the title of “breakfast of champions.” Before this much-anticipated title bout got underway, the pillars of positivity unveiled a box of Booty-O’s and outlined how making the cereal a regular part of one’s balanced diet can help prevent the pitfalls of The League of Nations.

Once the joking subsided — no easy feat, considering The New Day’s proclivity for mocking the League — the two teams surged into action. The champions leveraged tags early on, resulting in a Unicorn Stampede against King Barrett. The powerful League of Nations battled back, including Barrett catching Kingston with the Winds of Change and Sheamus nailing a battering ram off the top rope. With the sold-out Ricoh Coliseum chanting “New Day Rocks,” however, Kingston managed to tag in Big E, who connected with a trifecta of bely-to-belly suplexes, much to the WWE Universe’s delight.

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Kingston soon sprang back into the match, landing a high crossbody block against The Celtic Warrior. Kingston was too exhausted to make a cover after a subsequent SOS, though, and Sheamus then reversed Trouble in Paradise into the Cloverleaf. The dreadlocked Superstar persevered and a tag brought Big E charging back in, only to be overwhelmed by Barrett and Sheamus. Barrett drilled a kick into Big E’s head, but the referee — distracted by Xavier Woods and Francesca 2 — was out of position and unable to make the count. As Kingston prevented Sheamus from illegally reentering the match, Big E dropped Barrett with the Big Ending to cement The New Day’s WWE Tag Team Title reign and quiet The League of Nations ... for tonight.

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