Supplemental Changes

Supplemental Changes

The 2008 WWE Draft has officially come to an end after today's Supplemental Draft addition. This year's changes certainly have the WWE Universe buzzing -- going as far as making WWE Fan Nation's Live Blog coverage of today's Supplemental Draft crash due to an exorbitant amount of traffic. (Read the Supplemental Draft Live Blog text here)

According to a poll on WWE Fan Nation before the Live Blog, many fans believed that ECW got the short end of the stick by Monday's end. After today's Supplemental Draft, that may not be the case. Though ECW certainly didn't have the opportunity to add as many members to its roster as the other two brands, there is always the old adage of quality over quantity. And with the additions of such Superstars as Mark Henry, Finlay, Hornswoggle and Super Crazy, ECW certainly got that.

Things were definitely rattled for Raw after Monday, and today just seemed to be an aftershock. The brand seems to have made an even trade today bringing some fresh blood to the roster. With the additions of Chuck Palumbo, Deuce, Jamie Noble, Kofi Kingston, Layla and Matt Striker, things will certainly be interesting on Monday nights in the weeks and months to come.

The brand that arguably benefited most from this year's Draft, SmackDown, made some excellent additions to its roster on Wednesday. After ending Raw with the acquisition of Mr. Kennedy & WWE Champion Triple H, SmackDown built up its roster even more with the additions of the behemoth Big Daddy V, Maria, Shelton Benjamin, Brian Kendrick, Carlito, D.H. Smith and Trevor Murdoch.

With the 2008 WWE Draft having come and gone and all the changes just starting to settle in, it will be interesting to see how all the drafted Superstars will swim in their new waters. It will also be interesting to see how those already on Raw, SmackDown and ECW welcome the new competitors to their brands. Also, with many of the champions changing brands, will the titles find themselves in their new homes permanently after Night of Champions?

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