The Revival def. The New Day

The Revival def. The New Day

One downside to The New Day’s WrestleMania hosting gig was that they didn’t have a match, but ya boys’ efforts to have a Raw-After-WrestleMania moment went awry in a hurry when they issued an open challenge and found themselves face-to-face with The Revival.

The NXT “top guys” and self-proclaimed “greatest tag team on the planet” did not hesitate to antagonize The New Day, knocking over the New Day Pop-cycle on their way to the ring.

When the match started, The Revival isolated Xavier Woods from Big E. Woods found himself in a slugfest with Scott Dawson after Big E whiffed on a suicide spear, but Dash Wilder tagged in without the former WWE Tag Team Champion noticing.

When Xavier attempted the Honor Roll, The Revival was right there to catch him with a Shatter Machine in midair for the win. After their victorious debut, The Revival put an extra hurting on Kofi Kingston by attacking his ankle to such a degree that it required medical evaluation after the match. Say yeeeeaaahh.

The Revival relish in taking out The New Day: Exclusive, April 3, 2017

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson make a big impact in their Raw debut, as they set out to prove they are the absolute best tag team in WWE.

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