Awesome Truth: Lone warriors or foot soldiers?

Awesome Truth: Lone warriors or foot soldiers?

As the WWE Universe has come to expect from pay-per-view events, Vengeance was full of unforgettable moments. One of these instances occurred in the main event between WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio and John Cena. During the brutal Last Man Standing Match, The Miz & R-Truth ran to the collapsed ring and attacked Cena, in turn allowing Del Rio to think quickly and nail his opponent with the WWE Title, which finally proved to be enough to keep Cena down.(PHOTOS)

There are a number of questions raised behind the actions of the “Awesome Truth,” the same duo who, earlier in the evening, defeated Triple H & CM Punk following an assist from former WWE Superstar Kevin Nash. (KEVIN NASH: 7-FOOT NINJA?). Perhaps the most important question is, “what was their motive?”

Seemingly acting on their own accord, Miz & Truth were acting on their own accord, simply employed their now typical modus operandi by attacking other Superstars, specifically John Cena, as they had done at Hell in a Cell. But that theory does bring up the question of “why?” What do Miz & Truth gain by assaulting Cena? If they wanted to create a scene of utter chaos, similar to Hell in a Cell, why didn’t they go after Alberto Del Rio as well?

Perhaps the aggression toward the Cenation leader is Miz & Truth’s selfish way of ensuring an appearance in a main event contest. Both Superstars have had issues in the past with Cena and their nefarious actions could have been intended to keep Cena from reclaiming the WWE Championship. After all, The Reunion star is a representation of everything Miz & Truth are not, putting the WWE Universe and his loyalties before his own goals.

Miz & Truth attack CenaYet, it also seems possible that Miz & Truth were acting on orders from a higher power. It would be easy to suspect WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis, who as Raw’s Interim General Manager reinstated “Awesome Truth” in one of his first decisions. It was also Mr. Laurinaitis who declared that Vengeance would continue following the ring-shattering contest between World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry and Big Show. Maybe this decision was simply intended to keep his plan in motion.

But the ring in shambles, Del Rio was also at a disadvantage and battling Cena all over the arena. With this in mind, Raw’s Interim GM may have feared Cena reclaiming the title following Del Rio receiving an Attitude Adjustment through the Spanish announce table. If a conspiracy exits, it could have prompted him to send Miz & Truth to the ring. A suspicious individual, it is also possible that Mr. Laurinaitis could have simply let “Awesome Truth” loose on Cena to prove that the 10-time champion is not invincible.

There are answers to be uncovered, and the only way to find them is by tuning into WWE Raw SuperShow on USA tonight at 9/8 PM CT.

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