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Cole-Ross war of words escalates

Cole-Ross war of words escalates

Did anyone really think that Jim Ross making Michael Cole tap out a week ago on Raw SuperShow was going to be the end of their issue? Neither did we.

As this past Monday’s WWE.com Raw SuperShow live chat began (8:30 PM ET), special guest Jim Ross was asked what finishing maneuver he would use if he were a full-time grappler. In what was perhaps a mixture of humor and hubris, the WWE Hall of Famer replied:

Thought the ankle lock worked ok. Heard Cole wet himself. :)

J.R. then stated during the live chat: Cole is a stain on the underwear of life.

However, good ol’ JR probably didn’t realize that while calling Raw SuperShow, Michael Cole monitors WWE.com. Shortly after Kevin Nash’s brutal attack on Triple H, Cole took the opportunity to answer J.R.’s online insults on Twitter.

@MichaelCole: Obviously what just happened to Triple H was a tragedy, but the real tragedy is that it didn't happen to @JRsBBQ... #Raw 

Cole’s reply set off an online war of words that would run throughout the entire Monday Night Raw SuperShow broadcast.

J.R. on WWE.com live chat: Cole is SO concerned about Triple H that he's taking cowardly shots at me. That's professional.

@MichaelCole: Hey @JRsBBQ...You and Kermit the Frog looked great in that Muppets promo for next week's #Raw 

J.R. on WWE.com live chat: Instead of getting an update on HHH's condition he is tweeting me. Amazing.

@MichaelCole: RT @JRsBBQ: If u want questions answered, log on to https://wwe.com live chat--Here's one: How'd that Sooner loss taste?

J.R. on WWE.com live chat: Sooner loss tasted like Cole's wife's cooking. Not good. @JRsBBQ 

J.R. on WWE.com live chat: @johncena vs @TheRock needs a 'voice.' let's see, who's available?

At this point, realizing he had the bully pulpit of a globally televised program, Cole raised the stakes and took what was an argument being read by tens of thousands to one witnessed by millions. He upped the ante by issuing a challenge to J.R. for Halloween night, If JR shows up Atlanta and defeats the self proclaimed "Voice of WWE" in "The Michael Cole Challenge", Cole will relinquish Raw's lead announcer position back to Jim Ross.embedcolon25040732

Cole followed his grandstand challenge with one last salvo on Twitter:

@MichaelCole: If @JRsBBQ is ANY kind of a man, he'll agree to face me next week on #Raw...and if he wins...#iQuit. I might even #SauceIt 

Ross is now faced with a decision to make: Does he show up in Atlanta for a chance to take back his spot as WWE’s alpha announcer, not knowing what the “Michael Cole Challenge” is? As this is certainly not J.R.’s first BBQ, he expressed his reservations both on the WWE.com live chat and later on Twitter:

JR on WWE.com live chat:  I've got a pretty good track record in Atlanta BTW. However, could the deck be stacked? Is this a conspiracy?

@JRSBBQ: If anyone w/ a brain thinks that next week in ATL @ RAW that between Cole & GM I have a chance in hell to come out ok you're pet coon goofy.

What is "The Michael Cole Challenge"? Does Jim Ross want to be the voice of Raw SuperShow enough to show up and find out, or will the Hall of Famer choose practicality over pride and sit this one out? Will Muppets, Statler and Waldorf take over Raw’s announcing duties and make this all moot? Tune in Monday at 9/8 CT to a special Halloween episode of WWE Raw SuperShow on USA Network to find out.


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