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Interim Raw GM John Laurinaitis’ latest fashion endeavor

Interim Raw GM John Laurinaitis’ latest fashion endeavor

Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis is exceedingly proud of all that he’s accomplished as the Interim General Manager of Raw SuperShow. He’s publicly fired WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross on live television, he’s re-signed former WWE Champion Kevin Nash to a new contract and he’s even accumulated more than 40,000 Twitter followers (@WWERawGM). Yet, in a recent interview with WWE.com, Mr. Laurinaitis was particularly boastful about his most recent career milestone: his first T-shirt.

“It’s kind of like the iconic ‘Austin 3:16’ shirt or the original nWo shirt in that it makes a statement,” Laurinaitis explained with a grin.

The basic black shirt features the words “Future Endeavored” on the front, with “John Laurinaitis: Executive Vice President of Talent Relations/Interim General Manager, Monday Night Raw” on the back. (Yes, the WWEShop.com staff somehow managed to fit Laurinaitis’ full title on the garment without inflating their printing costs.)

The terminology “future endeavored” has been thrown around quite a bit since Mr. Laurinaitis began gracing our television screens each and every Monday night, but some WWE Universe members may still be unclear on the phrase’s actual meaning. While he was firing off what appeared to be a strongly worded text message, the Interim Raw GM said he was more than happy to clarify.

“As everyone knows, I give opportunities for talent to come into WWE, but I also give them the opportunity to leave and go elsewhere to better themselves,” Laurinaitis explained. “I wish them the best in their future endeavors.”

He added, “It’s a professional way of saying ‘go elsewhere, learn what you need to learn and – maybe – come back to be the WWE Superstar they want to be.’”

Now that his first-ever T-shirt is “flying off the shelves” (his words), what new John Laurinaitis items can our fans look forward to? Armbands? Sweat pants? Skateboards?

“Whatever the WWE Universe wants, Mr. Laurinaitis will give it to them,” the EVP affirmed.

To order the shirt, click here.

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