Is Dolph Ziggler jealous of John Cena?

Is Dolph Ziggler jealous of John Cena?

Dolph Ziggler is a Superstar who seemingly has it all: stunning looks, superior athletic talent and the ability to steal the show every single time he steps between the ropes. Oh yeah, and he's Mr. Money in the Bank, too.

What he doesn't have is the WWE Championship résumé and worldwide recognition of John Cena.

On the surface, Ziggler's intense grudge against the Cenation leader has come as quite the surprise. For months it looked like The Showoff's only intent was to cash in his Money in the Bank contract and seize the World Heavyweight Title. He even guaranteed he would do it heading into WWE Hell in a Cell. But as viewers tuned in to the pay-per-view's Pre-Show on Oct. 28, it appeared that Ziggler's objective had changed. Still holding the Money in the Bank briefcase, his fixation had shifted from championship gold to 10-time WWE Champion John Cena and the allegations that Cena had an inappropriate relationship with former Raw General Manager AJ Lee ( VIDEO | PHOTOS).

Is Dolph merely looking to stay on Vickie Guerrero's good side as she cements her position as the Managing Supervisor of Raw? Or is there something more to this sudden bitterness toward the Cenation leader?

Here's what we also know about Ziggler: He likes being the center of attention at all times. He firmly believes he deserves the fame, fortune and fawning that comes with being the most popular Superstar in WWE. And he's sick and tired of watching Cena be that guy when, in Dolph's eyes, he's just a liar.

"All he does is deny the same things over and over that we can clearly see," Ziggler claimed on "Backstage Fallout" when asked why he's getting into Cena's business ( VIDEO). "It's been years of the same Cena story. I'm sick of it. The WWE Universe is sick of it. Someone had to do something about it."

Ziggler would never admit he's even the slightest bit envious of Cena's success in WWE over the years, nor his accomplishments as a Hollywood actor and musician. But is it a stretch to think he craves the national spotlight Cena persistently commands? Should we be convinced that Ziggler is targeting The Cenation Commander-in-Chief, as Dolph states, simply because he wants to expose the truth and serve his duty as "the only real man in this business"?

On the Oct. 22 edition of Raw, Ziggler said Cena is the only person to blame in the scandal that led to AJ's resignation as Raw General Manager and that he thought AJ "would have better taste" — two direct shots that exhibit precisely how much disdain Dolph has for the Cenation leader. Is Ziggler offended that AJ would potentially be interested in someone like Cena instead of him? Perhaps he's afraid of the notion that there could be a fresh front-page couple in WWE while The Showoff and Queen Diva duo is now old news?

Whether or not jealousy is Dolph's primary motive for going after Cena, there is one goal that is apparent as ever before: Ziggler is still trying to steal the show — and Cena is standing in his way.

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