Eck’s Factor: Raw SuperShow 11/7 analysis

Eck’s Factor: Raw SuperShow 11/7 analysis

LIVERPOOL - Here are my takes on the big stories from Monday night’s Raw SuperShow that the WWE Universe is talking about on Facebook, Twitter and

Talking point: The Miz & R-Truth defeat John Cena & Zack Ryder

Eck’s Factor: I like that Miz and Truth acknowledged how people are saying that Cena doesn’t even need The Rock as a partner to beat them, as he singlehandedly took care of them last week on Raw SuperShow. They used that as motivation against Cena and Ryder on Monday night, and this time Miz and Truth did get the better of Cena – sort of.

Miz pinning Cena while Truth held Cena’s legs down out of the referee’s view didn’t really convince me that Miz and Truth stand a chance against Cena and Rock at Survivor Series on Nov. 20. Cena, who laughed off the loss, didn’t seem too convinced, either.

On a side note, I applaud Cena for doing everything he could during the match to give Ryder a rub. The crowd loved Ryder and he looked like he belonged in the ring with the other three Superstars. It’s amazing that Ryder has gone from being a guy who couldn’t even get on TV not all that long ago to working a Raw main event in which the company's biggest star endorses him.

embedcolon25042783Talking point: CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio engage in verbal and physical confrontations

Eck’s Factor: It was no surprise that Punk outclassed the WWE Champion on the microphone, but Del Rio got some of his heat back by ambushing Punk in a backstage attack. Although I’m always entertained by Punk’s promos and I especially like when he “shoots” with them, I cringed when he buried Del Rio by saying that viewers fast-forward through Del Rio’s promos and don’t miss a thing.

It’s one thing for Punk to drop his verbal pipe bombs on Teflon top guys such as John Cena and Triple H. But Del Rio is still fighting to be regarded as a bona fide main-eventer by the majority of the WWE Universe, and Punk’s comments certainly don’t do him any favors. It seems as if every time Del Rio takes one step forward (putting on a fantastic performance in retaining the WWE Title against Cena in a Last Man Standing Match at Vengeance), he takes two steps back (getting KO’d and pinned by Big Show last week on Raw SuperShow; getting buried by Punk on the microphone Monday night).

In a related note, I thought Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and the Interim General Manager of Raw John Laurinaitis had the line of the night during Del Rio’s backstage attack on Punk. When Del Rio ignored Laurinaitis’ orders to back off of Punk, an angry Laurinaitis said, “Don’t make me take off my jacket.” Now that was funny.

Talking point: John Morrison ends his losing streak with a win over Dolph Ziggler

Eck’s Factor: When discussing Ziggler’s less-than-stellar win-loss record last month, I wrote that a surefire way for the “Hollywood Heel” to get back to his winning ways was to book him in a match against one of the only guys who loses more frequently than he does – Morrison. As it turned out, Morrison pinned the U.S. Champion in a non-title match to record his first victory in three months.

While it was nice to see JoMo get a rare win, it’s a shame that it had to be at Ziggler’s expense. WWE could use a fresh face at the main event level, and as I have said before, Ziggler is a main-eventer waiting to happen.

embedcolon25042789Talking point: Kelly Kelly’s Maxim cover is unveiled

Eck’s Factor: In addition to how fantastic Kelly Kelly looked in a bikini on the enlarged magazine cover, what I really liked about this segment was the performance of Beth Phoenix and Natalya on the microphone. The Pin-up Strong girls were quite entertaining as they mocked Kelly Kelly. Phoenix, in particular, really seems to have found her voice as of late.

Talking point: Neither Brodus Clay’s debut nor The Michael Cole Challenge take place

Eck’s Factor: It was advertised on Raw SuperShow last week that Clay was going to be in action Monday night, and The Michael Cole Challenge with Cole and Jim Ross – which was originally scheduled for Oct. 31 – didn’t happen, either.

I’m guessing there weren’t a lot of viewers who tuned into Raw SuperShow strictly to see Clay, and I’m certain that very few people were upset that the Cole Challenge didn’t go down. That said, I’m not a fan of promoting something and then not delivering it.

Talking point: Jack Swagger has an eye twitch

Eck’s Factor: It appears that Swagger was so distraught over his embarrassing loss on last week’s Raw SuperShow to Santino Marella (with an assist from Beaker of The Muppets) that he has developed an eye twitch. I’ll reserve judgment on this situation until I see how it plays out over the coming weeks.

At the very least, the facial tic will get Swagger noticed, and it could very well end up being entertaining. On the other hand, it’s not a gimmick that is likely to result in the former World Heavyweight Champion regaining a spot in main events.

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