Vote now: MLB star Josh Reddick accepts Daniel Bryan's challenge to a 'beard-off'

Vote now: MLB star Josh Reddick accepts Daniel Bryan's challenge to a 'beard-off'

Daniel Bryan has boldly proclaimed himself the "King of Beards."

But could there be a new bristly contender for the WWE Tag Team Champion's throne?

Major League Baseball star Josh Reddick has accepted the submission specialist's challenge over Twitter to a "beard-off," in which fans will vote on which athlete has the best beard and the loser will have to shave off their long whiskers at the end of the year.

"Two men, two beards and there can only be one winner," Bryan briefed about the impromptu challenge. "I assure you, it will be The Dazzler!"

It's no surprise Reddick responded to Bryan's call-out so quickly on Twitter. The Oakland A's outfielder has been a lifelong WWE fan and even possesses his own WWE Championship, given to him as a gift by his all-time favorite Superstar, Triple H, after The Game saw Reddick posing with a replica title last spring.

Now the 2012 Golden Glove winner will go head-to-head with the "No!" Superstar in a battle to determine, once and for all, who is the master of the beard. And if their early tweets are any indication, this will be an intense fight to the finish — and one that fans might need a tape measure to ultimately decide.

Vote now: MLB star Josh Reddick accepts Daniel Bryan's challenge to a 'beard-off'
"I encourage my followers to mock @joshreddick16's beard at every opportunity," Bryan tweeted on Tuesday afternoon, "and let him know that I alone am #KingOfBeards."

Reddick has already countered Bryan's goading with a message to his own Twitter followers: "Fans, it's time. Let's get @WWEDanielBryan so mad that he has to challenge me in the ring. #YESLOCK #BERNIEBOMB #YESYESYESYES!!!"

Will this challenge spell doom for Bryan's signature beard, one that he's impressively been growing out since Money in the Bank 2011? Or will Reddick's facefro ultimately have a date with the razor? Regardless of the outcome, the true winner here might be the followers of both these hirsute stars.

"I think this will be a lot of fun for both the WWE Universe and for the fans of Major League Baseball," Bryan told "Two stars in each sport going one-on-one in a beard-off."

Let the hairy race begin!

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