What big changes should WWE make with Big Johnny gone?

What big changes should WWE make with Big Johnny gone?

What once seemed impossible is now a stunning reality: Big Johnny has been fired.

Big Show's loss to John Cena at No Way Out spelled doom for John Laurinaitis, and the WWE Universe is left to wonder what the General Manager's ouster means for the future of both Raw and SmackDown. When any regime comes to an end, there are usually big, sweeping changes in store, especially if the new boss – or bosses – believes in a much different philosophy than the old one. ( RECAP |  PHOTOS)

As we wait to see who will take the reins of Raw and SmackDown, WWE.com has a few ideas to shake things up and ensure that the replacement GM(s) isn't following in Big Johnny's footsteps, but rather starting a brand new era with a refreshingly clean slate.

Give the power to the people – for real.

What big changes should WWE make with Big Johnny gone?

The Executive Vice President of Talent Relations preached that every decision he made was in the best interest of "People Power," but many members of the WWE Universe suspected otherwise. The thing is, "People Power" actually is a fantastic idea, as long as it's executed properly by listening to what the people have to say. Week in and week out, passionate WWE fans voice their opinions on a wide range of platforms, from Facebook and Twitter to the comment sections on every single WWE.com article. If a General Manager really wants to know what the people want, he/she wouldn't need to look very hard to find out.

Laurinaitis had a penchant for making matches that seemed to punish WWE Superstars who got on his bad side. The days of forcing John Cena and Sheamus to compete in a Handicap Lumberjack Match that devolves into a chaotic brawl are gone. Instead, it's time to let the pulse of the people come into play when choosing the weekly opponents for WWE's elite competitors, as well as determining which Superstars truly deserve time in the spotlight the most. 

If legally possible, take the "ironclad" off Big Show's contract.

What big changes should WWE make with Big Johnny gone?

Big Show has repeatedly boasted that he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, to whoever he wants, because of the ironclad contract that Laurinaitis gave him. With Laurinaitis fired, there's no reason The World's Largest Athlete should continue to be allowed to inflict pain on Superstars – and Mr. McMahon – at will. Just as WWE COO Triple H told Brock Lesnar, another one of Laurinaitis' favorites, "Nobody is bigger than WWE." So Big Show doesn't warrant any kind of special protection, regardless of the terms of his contract.

Big Show should be issued the same ultimatum that was delivered to Brock: play ball and renegotiate a proper contract – minus unreasonable clauses – or take his ball and go home. Of course, the new General Manager might not even give Big Show that option and just give him the big boot outright.

Put Theodore Long in control of SmackDown again.

What big changes should WWE make with Big Johnny gone?

What big changes should WWE make with Big Johnny gone?
A big question mark hangs over Raw, but there's a man who can step in immediately at the helm of SmackDown. Before the power-hungry Laurinaitis pushed Theodore Long out of the picture after Team Johnny's tainted victory at WrestleMania, the former SmackDown GM was running a tight ship, making sure every Superstar earned their keep and no one ran amok without repercussions.

Why not give the keys to the blue brand back to Teddy, at least in the interim? You can bet the longtime authority figure won't take such an opportunity for granted after being subjected to a variety of humiliating chores by Laurinaitis. Additionally, reviving the concept of individual General Managers instead of one overarching leader could revive some exciting, friendly competition between Raw and SmackDown.

Strip preferential treatment from David Otunga and Eve.

What big changes should WWE make with Big Johnny gone?

David Otunga and Eve have both seen their stock rise in the Laurinaitis administration, with Otunga serving as the GM's legal counsel and Eve as his Executive Administrator. Now that the administration has been effectively dissolved, Otunga and Eve will likely have to prove themselves the way other Superstars and Divas do in WWE – by excelling in the ring, not in the boardroom.  

Big Johnny's firing also means Otunga and Eve should no longer be permitted to do as they please. Under the shield of Laurinaitis, Otunga brutally attacked Brodus Clay on SmackDown and Eve fired The Bella Twins after their match on the April 30 Raw SuperShow – two blatant abuses of their power. Laurinaitis' pair of goody two shoes should be squeaky clean moving forward or face the consequences. 

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