Million Dollar Mania: The Sequel

Million Dollar Mania: The Sequel

Mr. McMahon's first attempt at giving away $1 million to our fans during McMahon's Million Dollar Mania proved such a blockbuster success that the WWE Chairman decided to follow it up for a second week. (See photos of the winners here.)

Eight winners out there are sure glad he did.

First to benefit from the Chairman's largesse was Denzel Parker of Virginia Beach, Va., who offered up the password, "Watch Raw and Win," to secure $125,000 for himself.

"I'll give a little to church and take my mother for a little shopping spree," said Parker, 15. "I'll also buy the 2009 SmackDown vs. Raw [video game], and when Raw comes to Virginia Beach, I'll be in the front row."

The overjoyed teen wanted to share one last thought.

"Tell John Cena, if he's putting out another CD, to give me a call," said Parker.

Next up on the winner's list, Michael Leyva of Monroe, N.C., landed $100,000 of Mr. McMahon's mon-aayyy.

"I'll pay some bills and come close to paying off my house," said the lightbulb salesman, who just bought a new home three months earlier and who has two grown kids, one still in college. 

When asked for one word to describe Mr. McMahon, an overjoyed Leyva paused for a moment before sharing his thoughts: "Perfection." 

Mr. McMahon's third winner, Jesse Jordan of Bethel, Ohio, picked up $50,000 after the caller before him failed to answer.

"I'm going to help my mom out," said the 32-year-old financial consultant. "I don't want to say how because I want to surprise her. I also want to see some WWE pay-per-views, live events and also catch Billy Joel in concert."

Kyle Mathisen of Hoyt Lakes, Minn., was next to answer the call of a lifetime. The 26-year-old disabled Navy veteran told Mr. McMahon the password and pulled in $175,000 for his troubles.

"Dreams do come true," said Mathisen, a fan since the age of three. "I'll pay off my credit cards, my house and lend my friend some money." 

Not nearly as enthused was Becky Carmon of Advance, N.C., who did everything right, only to have Mr. McMahon hand her a measly $16. When asked what she'll do with her meager winnings, the airplane parts inspector told that she plans to frame it.

"I was hoping to win the big one," said the 55-year-old, "but you know how it goes sometimes."

It went a whole lot better for Alana Ayres of Westmont, Ill. The 23-year-old college student and longtime fan of the Chairman prevailed and collected $174,984.

"My dream would be to meet Mr. McMahon in person and thank him," said Ayres, who plans to pay for college and buy her mother a car. "I would give him the biggest hug ever."

Also in line to show his gratitude would be Peter Mauer of Bloomville, N.Y., who succeeded in winning $75,000. And the money couldn't have come at a better time.

"I have a baby due in a day and a half," said the 39-year-old "Stone Cold" Steve Austin fan, who works for a pharmaceutical company. "People should enter the contest, it could happen to them."

The Million Dollar Mania main event took place at the end of the night when Mr. McMahon gave away $300,000 to Frank Turbeville of Haddon Township, N.J.

"I've been crying ever since [I won]," said the 32-year-old Air Force veteran. "You have no idea what this means to me."

Turbeville plans to use his winnings to pay bills, buy his fiancée a car, take a vacation, give his dad money and buy his mom a "better headstone."

"I can't believe this happened," said an emotional Turbeville. "I just cannot believe this happened to me."

If you'd like to grab your share of McMahon's Million Dollar Mania, enter to win.

As Mr. McMahon told our fans at the end of Raw: "Next week, another million is coming your way!"








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