Kevin Owens and Goldberg trade vicious Twitter barbs

Kevin Owens and Goldberg trade vicious Twitter barbs

In the year 2017, every great rivalry must — must — start with a Twitter fight, and if the beef being offered up by Kevin Owens and Goldberg is any indication, this young rivalry could be one of the greatest in the history of sports, entertainment and sports-entertainment.

Goldberg, famously a man of few words, offered up the first salvo following Raw’s ill-fated “Festival of Friendship” with a subtweet that blasted both Kevin Owens and now-estranged bestie Chris Jericho with the force of a thousand Spears.

Of course, Kevin Owens is never one to let a good flame war go to waste, and the WWE Universal Champion quickly responded in kind:

At press time, both champion and challenger have been trading barbs well into the afternoon, and the insults are getting a little personal. Owens seems to have gotten the last word at the moment, but Goldberg seems unlikely to let this one slide. Might we suggest taking a cue from our new Raw Women’s Champion and hugging it out?

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