Braun Strowman reminds Baron Corbin he’s coming for him

Reigns & Strowman vs. Ziggler & McIntyre

As Baron Corbin boasts that a permanent tenure as Raw General Manager is a foregone conclusion in the wake of Braun Strowman’s elbow surgery — to repair damage The Lone Wolf was largely responsible for —The Monster Among Men shared a gruesome photo of his arm on social media.

After Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon decreed that Corbin would become Raw’s permanent GM if he could defeat Strowman in a Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match at WWE TLC, Corbin led Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley in a brutal assault on the behemoth, shattering Strowman’s elbow and forcing him to undergo surgery.

Despite Strowman’s condition rendering him unable to compete for several weeks, Corbin revealed that the Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match would go on as scheduled, essentially guaranteeing that he would defeat Strowman by forfeit.

In a Twitter post, Strowman made it clear that his mind is set on returning to the ring and attaining retribution against The Lone Wolf.

“Eye for an eye!!!!!! #TheMonster is coming!!!!!  #TickTock,” Strowman wrote.

Given the grisly state of Strowman’s elbow, it seems unlikely that The Monster Among Men will be able to stand between Corbin and a permanent GM position, but the monstrous Superstar has surprised us before when it comes to his healing ability. Last May, Strowman was expected to be out of action for six months due to a similar injury and returned just weeks later. Might he surprise us again by showing up to WWE TLC ready to compete for the chance to earn a Universal Championship opportunity against Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble? Or does Strowman have something else planned for the “GM-Elect”?

Either way, Corbin had best take note. Because inevitably, sooner or later, he’s going to “Get These Hands.”

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