Triple H picked the right week not to be at RAW.

With The Game absent, Batista went on a vicious rampage, destroying both Muhammad Hassan and Daivari while being disqualified in the process. When Daivari tried to intervene, Batista busted him open with knee after knee to the face. Then, he refused to break a choke on Hassan, forcing the referee to call for the bell.  WATCH: Watch

But the World Heavyweight Champion wasn't done sending a message to the man who beat him down with a sledgehammer last week. Batista bloodied Hassan with a crushing chair shot, powerbombed both men, then hovered over their broken bodies while holding his championship belt high. The onslaught was all the more impressive considering just how battered Batista was from the attack suffered at the hands of Triple H and Flair one week ago.

After what occurred on RAW, it's clear that Batista is capable of anything inside the frightening structure. But it's Triple H who has used Hell in a Cell to end careers, something he reminded Batista of during an off-site interview. Watch 

In an interview on Y2J's Highlight Reel, Kane was again despondent. Chris Jericho tried anything and everything to get Kane to answer some questions, but he simply remained silent until interrupted by Edge's presence on the TitanTron. Edge taunted Kane, then Lita entered the frame and declared that she had officially filed for divorce. The couple then flushed Lita's wedding ring down the toilet before embracing before Kane's eyes, making him all the more distraught.  Watch 

RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff showed just what Paul Heyman must be wary of at ECW's One Night Stand on June 12. Bischoff held a "Tables Match" between his representative Edge and Chris Benoit on RAW to prove that his roster could outdo ECW any night. Although Bischoff was banking on an Edge victory, twice The Crippler looked poised to win. First, he set Edge up for a superplex through a table, only to have Lita move the table aside. Then, he set up a diving headbutt with Edge lying on a table, but Lita thwarted that attempt, as well.

At that point, Bischoff had seen enough, waving several of his RAW Superstars, which swarmed The Rabid Wolverine. A well-placed kick from Gene Snitsky sealed the deal, as Benoit lost consciousness and was scooped up and powerbombed through a table by Edge for the victory. The events seemed to be a signal from Bischoff to his ECW counterpart as to what could be in store when RAW's presence is felt at the ECW pay-per-view. Watch

Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin was placed in a precarious Triple Threat Match against Robert Conway and Sylvain Grenier. Both members of La Resistance were looking to substantiate singles careers, and after early teamwork, they refused to allow the other to cover Benjamin. Eventually, things broke down as Conway and Grenier went at each other, and Benjamin picked his spot to hit a dragon whip and T-bone suplex to Grenier to eek out the win.

Meanwhile, Viscera interrupted a special Memorial Day Swimsuit Competition, carrying off contestant Lilian Garcia. But the show went on, and sexy Christy topped Divas Victoria, Candice and Maria. The loss was the last straw for Victoria, who superkicked Maria, punched Candice and took out Jerry Lawler with a low-blow before delivering the Widow's Peak to Christy. Afterward, Victoria explained that after watching Christy get all the attention — and a coveted Women's Championship Match at WrestleMania 21 — that she had simply had enough.

Also, Christian addressed his adoring Peeps in Calgary, Alberta, letting them know that if he's drafted to SmackDown! next week, that show will get an infusion of the Three C's: Charisma, Canada and Christian.

Chris Masters upped his challenge to $10,000 this week, and for the first time, he opened up the competition to RAW's roster of Superstars. Accomplished veteran Val Venis promptly answered the call. Sensing his hands would literally be full, "The Masterpiece" delivered a cheap shot to Venis before hooking in the Master Lock. Val fought back and nearly powered out of the hold, but Masters refused to release it and eventually Venis succumbed. It was Masters' most impressive challenge to date.

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