A game of choices ... and consequences

A game of choices ... and consequences

Why did William Regal apparently save Ric Flair's career and cost Triple H his coveted place in Royal Rumble last Monday on Raw?

Days after the Raw GM's shocking interference in the Career Threatening Match that placed Flair's illustrious career against The Game's Royal Rumble opportunity, that is the most burning question in the WWE locker room. When the "Nature Boy" appeared down and out and Triple H was just three seconds away from ending his revered mentor's career, Regal appeared out of nowhere and struck "Naitch" with brass knuckles, getting The Game disqualified. (WATCH)

The question is "Why?" The General Manager left the Greensboro Coliseum before anyone could question him about his attack. And he has not returned any calls from WWE.com.

After being slapped and berated earlier in the night by Mr. McMahon for not carrying out his orders to show ruthlessness in a match with his diminutive illegitimate son, Hornswoggle, was Regal attempting to get back into the Chairman's good graces? (WATCH

Regal has loved being Raw GM. Sources close to him say he considers it an accomplishment that supersedes any of the championships he has won in his career. Perhaps fearing that the Chairman was about to fire him, Regal acted out of desperation and wanted to prove his loyalty. The Game has been Mr. McMahon's most persistent nemesis, never failing to embarrass the Chairman in front of our laughing fans. Regal knows how much Mr. McMahon boils whenever he sees Triple H. Perhaps he saw Monday's match as the one chance to close The Game's window of opportunity to fight for a World Title at WrestleMania and instantly get back on the Boss' good side.

Maybe Regal has some hidden respect for the Nature Boy. The English native knows something about royalty and maybe he considers the 16-time World Champion, and not Triple H, an 11-time World Champion, the true "King of Kings." Or maybe Regal thought he was making a good business decision. Regal must remember what's best for his Raw kingdom, and Flair's quest to keep his career alive may be good for business and ratings alike.

Or does Regal have a long-standing secret hatred for Triple H? Very early in his career, long before he evolved into The Game, Triple H was a protégé and tag team partner of Regal. The two went their separate ways a long time ago, but does Regal resent The Game and his irreverence for authority and want to bring "dignity" back to Raw?

Nevertheless, until Regal explains himself, the Raw locker room is left scratching its head. Perhaps all questions will be answered next Monday night when Raw emanates from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn.

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