A show-altering victory

A show-altering victory

Mr. Kennedy's body finally cashed the check that his mouth had been writing for weeks. But what's next for the self-proclaimed "future of sports-entertainment"?

On New Year's Eve, the loudmouth from Green Bay, Wis., capped off 2007 by fulfilling a promise to defeat Shawn Michaels, the man he has relentlessly taunted for more than a month. The triumph re-established Mr. Kennedy as a Superstar not to be underestimated. After dropping a hard-fought match to HBK at Armageddon, the boisterous blond needed to send a message with more than just his usual strident words. 

After his victory Monday night, that message was received loud and clear. By beating the future WWE Hall-of-Famer, Mr. Kennedy altered some perceptions that his bark was louder than his bite and reinforced what he has been jawing about since he first joined Raw: He has the chops to compete for the WWE Championship. 

Kennedy has not been shy about his longing for the gold. However, hunger isn't enough to warrant an opportunity at the title. With his monumental New Year's Eve victory, though, maybe all that has changed.

Now, the former United States Champion and Mr. Money in the Bank has the chance to capitalize on the win and ride a wave of momentum. Will Mr. Kennedy really be able to follow through and back up his words with deeds? Or will the brash, young Superstar let yet another opportunity slip through his fingers?

When WWE.com asked Kennedy about his plans following his huge victory on Raw, the out-of-breath Superstar only scowled and pushed the recorder away. Maybe WWE's most infamous loudmouth wants to keep his New Year's resolution quiet.

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