A rough start to 2008 for Jim Ross

A rough start to 2008 for Jim Ross

WWE Hall of Fame Raw broadcaster Jim Ross celebrated his birthday on Jan. 3, and it might have been the first happy day "good ol' J.R." experienced this year.

Ross spent the first moments of 2008 still drying off from a champagne bath courtesy of Big Dick Johnson at the end of Monday Night Raw on New Year's Eve.

The double-bottle barrage of bubbly left J.R. and Jerry "The King" Lawler dripping. But J.R. got his revenge, low-blowing the diaper-clad troublemaker and soaking him back.  Watch the video, courtesy of WWE Mobile at AT&T...

Then Wednesday night in Arizona, J.R. saw his beloved Oklahoma Sooners lose to the West Virginia Mountaineers 48-28 in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl. It was the second-straight Fiesta Bowl loss for the Sooners, as they were shocked by the upstart Boise State Broncos in overtime the year before.

So, from the WWE.com staff, we wish the long-time Raw broadcaster a very happy and healthy birthday … and that the next 51 weeks of 2008 are better than the first one.

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