Merry Trish-mas to all!

Merry Trish-mas to all!

TORONTO -- With just three more sleeps until Christmas, Raw slid into Canada to deliver some holiday cheer -- at least most Superstars were there to deliver cheer. A handful on the naughty list, however, did their level best to earn a few well-deserved lumps of coal. And one gave the hometown crowd a little something extra to cheer about.

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World Heavyweight Champion John Cena & Trish Stratus def. Santino Marella & Women's Champion Beth Phoenix
It's a Christmas miracle! At least that's how World Heavyweight Champion John Cena categorized it before announcing that seven-time Women's Champion Trish Stratus would be teaming with him in place of Kelly Kelly, who left the arena distraught, against Santino Marella & Women's Champion Beth Phoenix. Needless to say, Stratus' fellow Canadians appreciated one of their own striking back against the arrogance of Glamarella and competing for the first time since September 2006. Stratusfaction guaranteed, Stratusfaction delivered. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

Chris Jericho def. CM Punk
In the fourth and final bout of the night to determine who will advance to next week's Fatal Four Way Elimination Match, 2008 Slammy Award winner for Superstar of the Year Chris Jericho took on the challenge of CM Punk for the last slot in the Fatal Four Way Elimination Match. After a determined Punk appeared to have Jericho in his crosshairs, the ruthless Undisputed Champion summoned his unyielding longing and managed to conquer the Straightedge Superstar. Jericho's inclusion completes the lineup for next Monday's Fatal Four Way Elimination Match, including Shawn Michaels, JBL and Randy Orton as the Superstars compete for the opportunity to face John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble. (PHOTOS)

The Miz & John Morrison confront Kelly Kelly
Perhaps Kelly Kelly thought she was off the hook once she spilled The Miz's name to Kane last week when the Big Red Monster demanded to know the identity of her secret lover. If so, she doesn't know Miz & Morrison all that well. After letting them know that she will be Cena's partner in the Mixed Tag Team Match, the "Dirt Sheet" duo informed her that they heard a rumor that "somebody" broke into the Diva's hotel room and trashed the place. Why would anyone want to do that to "sweet, innocent Kelly Kelly?" asked Morrison.

Randy Orton def. Batista due to forfeit
Due to injuries suffered by Batista last week as a result of the punt to the head, compliments of Randy Orton, The Animal was unable to compete and forfeited the match. The forfeit allows Orton, who callously called the kick to Batista's skull his most satisfying, to advance into next week's Fatal Four Way Elimination Match in a battle to become the No. 1 contender to World Heavyweight Champion John Cena. (PHOTOS)

JBL def. Rey Mysterio by disqualification when HBK interferes on behalf of Mysterio
In the second match of the night to determine who will advance to next Monday's Fatal Four Way Elimination Match, the scales of injustice tipped in favor of JBL, with Shawn Michaels leaning heavily in his favor.

Just as JBL's opponent Rey Mysterio appeared to overcome the Longhorn Loudmouth's size advantage, sizing up the mouthy millionaire for a 619, Michaels charged down the entrance ramp. HBK, who had earlier discussed his money woes with longtime confidante Triple H, seized his benefactor Layfield, dragged him from the ring and slapped him across the face. The harsh action, while seemingly punitive to JBL, resulted in a disqualification for Rey. Michaels' interference permits JBL to advance to next Monday night's Fatal Four Way Match in the Race to the Rumble. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

Melina & Mickie James def. Jillian Hall & Layla
With Intercontinental Champion William Regal observing intently, his lady-friend Layla teamed with Jillian Hall to battle Melina & Mickie James in a Divas Tag Team Match. After Jillian belted out a stomach-turning version of a holiday tune, the Divas got down to business. In the end, it was Melina who would silence Jillian by pinning her rival for the three-count. (PHOTOS | Read Mickie's latest POEM)

Kofi Kingston def. Manu
He may have helped to distract John Cena last week, which allowed Randy Orton to punt Batista in the head, but Manu couldn't help himself tonight against high-flying Kofi Kingston. As his fellow second-generation Superstar Cody Rhodes looked on, Manu simply could not leverage his size and strength advantage to his favor, succumbing to the swift aerial assault of the Jamaican Sensation.

Afterward, Manu, the son of WWE Hall of Famer Afa, experienced a tense run-in with Randy Orton, the self-styled leader of the group of the second-generation Superstars; Manu interrupted a conversation between Orton and Sim Snuka, son of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka. (PHOTOS)

Kane apologizes to Kelly Kelly; Shawn Michaels def. Kane
After accosting Kelly Kelly last week and scaring the bejeezus out of her, an ever-so-slightly less psychotic Big Red Monster apologized to the tormented Diva at the behest of Stephanie McMahon. Kane still did not learn the identity of Kelly Kelly's secret lover, but he did have a chance to take out his aggression on Shawn Michaels.

Unfortunately for Kane, HBK had some aggression of his own to vent. Michaels emerged victorious in the first of four matches of the night to determine who advances to the following Monday night's Fatal Four Way Elimination Match. The winner of the elimination bout will earn No. 1 contender status and face World Heavyweight Champion John Cena in a title match at the Royal Rumble. (PHOTOS)

Santino challenges John Cena; Cena accepted the Mixed Tag Team main event
Santino Marella, joined Women's Champion Beth Phoenix, kicked off Raw with all the holiday cheer of expired egg nog. The grinchin' goomba verged on revealing a "secret" he said he knows about Santa Claus, but before he could reveal the secret, World Heavyweight Champion John Cena interrupted. Cena told Santino not to mess with jolly, ol' Saint Nick, which prompted the Italian to challenge him to a match. John Cena and a Diva of his choosing will square off later tonight against Santino & Beth.

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