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United Nations

The global melting pot of WWE Superstars nearly came to a boil last week when the Caribbean Bad Apple, Carlito, and the Italian Superstar, Santino Marella, joined forces in a Tag Team Match against Paul London & Brian Kendrick.

These international men of misery managed to eke out a victory over the high-flying duo using their infinite powers of cunning and deceit. The surprise conquest left many in the Raw locker room scratching their heads and wondering why Santino and Carlito formed an alliance now.

Some are saying that the main reason may be out of desperation. Carlito & Santino -- Cantino, if you will -- haven't been the most dominant Superstars of late. In fact, their recent win-loss records haven't been what they once were (Carlito even lost to Hornswoggle -- a man half his size). For this reason, it may be only fitting that the two combined, hoping to turn two negatives into a positive.

Others claim that Carlito may be trying to inch his way closer to the lovely Maria. For months, the beautiful Raw Diva has been exclusive to the Italian stallion, Santino. But perhaps Carlito wants to help kick off 2008 by playing some horizontal hokey-pokey with Maria. After all, the Caribbean Superstar does have a way with the ladies. Just ask Torrie Wilson.

Finally, one unnamed Superstar in the Raw locker room even joked that Santino teamed up with Carlito to make himself look better. The source claims that the on-again, off-again Mohawk-wearing Italian was looking for the one Superstar on the roster with hair worse than his. Congrats, Santino -- you found him.

Regardless of the reason behind their union, many are questioning if the unlikely alliance between Carlito and Santino will really work. Both men are so completely full of themselves and hot-blooded that the chances of an internal struggle may prove unavoidable. If a truce between the two former Intercontinental Champions should hold, however, the pair could actually notch a flurry of Tag Team victories. They've each shown flashes of brilliance in the past, and neither is above doing whatever it takes to win.

That desire to win on the part of both Carlito and Santino includes forging an alliance with an untrustworthy partner. If both Superstars can muster a glimmer of the sheen that brought them to the Intercontinental Championship, subdue their egos and learn to work together, "Cantino" may, one day, even earn an opportunity at the World Tag Team Championship.

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