Back in the saddle

Back in the saddle

Self-proclaimed "wrestling god" John Bradshaw Layfield just can't seem to keep his oversized Stetson out of other people's business lately. Whether he's interfering in a match with Batista & Undertaker, meddling with Rey Mysterio or offering Chris Jericho an intimate look at the bottom of his cowboy boot, the former WWE Champion appears starved for attention—and trouble.

JBL's latest transgression came Monday night when he announced that he's mounting a comeback and returning to Raw to confront Y2J. The trouble all started when the former Champion-turned-commentator kicked Jericho in the face just as he was poised to capture the WWE title from Randy Orton at Armageddon. Jericho retaliated the following night with a few choice put-downs that only helped to motivate JBL.

"I'm back because of the pure audacity of Chris Jericho questioning whether I can still do what I did for so many years," fumed an irate JBL. "I can't stomach it. I'm coming to Raw, and I'm going to run roughshod over Raw just like I did over SmackDown."

It's hard not to view JBL's comeback as an attempt to relive his glory days, to bask once again in the warm glow of the spotlight. And while it's easy to question the man with the Texas-sized ego, JBL rejected nostalgia as a reason for his return and insisted he's primed to unleash fury on the Raw locker room.

"You're gonna see the best JBL you've ever seen in your life," he stated emphatically. "People who doubt that can line up, cause I'm gonna kick more *ss than you can carry off in a dump truck."

While his ring prowess has yet to be proven, that infamous JBL ego remains as healthy as ever.

"There's no comparison between me and anybody else," he bragged. "My comeback will be like the Beatles and Elvis getting together and headlining a card tomorrow at Madison Square Garden."

With that, it's official: the Lonestar Loudmouth is back.

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