Y2J breaks Orton's walls down

Y2J breaks Orton's walls down

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. -- Chris Jericho could not seem to keep himself from smiling slightly as he held the WWE Championship aloft and looked down at a writhing Randy Orton.

He had just foiled a sneak attack by the WWE Champion during Raw's 15th Anniversary celebration and trapped him in The Walls of Jericho, perhaps giving him a glimpse into his near future. As Orton groaned, he may have been finally convinced that Jericho was not kidding about his mission to "save us" from his WWE Championship reign this Sunday at Armageddon.

Orton tried to get the advantage on Y2J at the wrong time. One of the invitees to Raw's anniversary was Eric Bischoff, who, other than Orton, may have been the person that Jericho least wanted to see tonight. As Raw General Manger two years ago, Bischoff was responsible for Y2J's departure from WWE, firing him when he lost a You're Fired Match to then-WWE Champion John Cena. But their history stretched back years before in WCW, when Bischoff was leading Nitro into battle week after week against Raw in the Monday Night Wars and Jericho was one of his soldiers. No matter how many championships Y2J won in WCW, Bischoff never believed he was a star. He prevented Jericho from getting World Title opportunities -- and Y2J never forgot that.

Jericho's stellar career in WWE and his becoming the first Undisputed Champion showed that Bischoff was very wrong. But he always had a bitter taste in his mouth knowing that Bischoff was largely responsible for bringing his WWE career to an end two years ago. Those years of rage and pent-up frustration -- along with beads of sweat -- poured out of Y2J as he leaned back on The Walls of Jericho and sat down on Orton's back. Maybe his comeback was about a little bit more than taking the WWE Title from Orton; maybe it was about righting a wrong.

Before he clamped The Walls on Orton and slugged Bischoff with a right hand, Y2J thanked his former boss. Jericho realized in his two years away how much he loved and missed the business. Though Bischoff snickered at the notion Y2J could win the WWE Championship from Orton after a long layoff, he wasn't laughing after feeling the wrath of The Walls of Jericho.

Our fans in the Arena at Harbor Yard chanted, "Y2J! Y2J!" as Jericho surveyed his carnage. The Legend Killer has said that he agreed to give Jericho an opportunity at the WWE Championship because he knows he can beat him.

However, tonight told a different story. When Orton tapped to The Walls, he wasn't facing the witty, funny Y2J our Jerichoholics worldwide have loved for years. He was looking at a man hell-bent on winning the WWE Championship one more time. Orton was looking at a man determined to save us -- and he had Eric Bischoff to thank. If Y2J has his way, the Legend Killer's WWE Championship could face its own Armageddon in less than a week.

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