Kennedy defeats Jannetty, sending a message to HBK

Kennedy defeats Jannetty, sending a message to HBK

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. -- Last week, Mr. Kennedy brought out a gauntlet of impostors to mock Shawn Michaels' illustrious career.

But this week, HBK introduced Kennedy to the real deal -- HBK's former tag-team partner, Marty Jannetty -- as both Superstars showed that there is nothing phony about their mutual animosity.

"I'm curious, Kennedy, what you can do against the real thing," HBK told our fans, with Jannetty at his side.

Though HBK's former Rockers' partner fought valiantly and nearly upset the loudmouth with the Rocker Dropper, the Green Bay gladiator scored a pinfall victory over Jannetty after a vicious DDT.  Watch the video...

After the match, it appeared Kennedy was about to send a message to HBK by giving Jannetty a vicious beatdown. But The Showstopper rushed to the ring to chase off Kennedy before he could do any more damage to Jannetty.

As HBK checked on the fallen Jannetty, Kennedy attacked his Armageddon opponent from behind. But HBK's D-Generation X partner Triple H made a beeline for Kennedy, which allowed Michaels to recover and chase the former United States Champion from the ring.

As DX posed in the ring and soaked in our fans' cheers, Kennedy glared from the entranceway. He knew in just six days at Armageddon, he'd get his hands on Michaels one-on-one, and he'd finally get an opportunity to get the respect and championship attention he thinks he deserves by defeating the legendary Showstopper.

We'll all see whether Kennedy can back up the words behind his big mouth at Armageddon.

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