Divide and conquer

It was a busy night at Raw from North Charleston, S.C., on Monday. John Cena and Umaga took part in a wild brawl after learning they would meet at New Year's Revolution, and the team of Rated-RKO and MNM were victorious in the mammoth eight-man main event thanks to an assist from Kenny.

John Cena opened the evening by accepting Umaga's challenge for a fight, but was interrupted by Melina, who reminded Cena of his impending battle with her friend, Kevin Federline, on the New Year's Day edition of Raw. Cena looked to send his own reminder back to K-Fed, hoisting Melina on his shoulders for the FU, and appeared poised to deliver until the Masterpiece stormed the ring to break things up.

Shortly thereafter, Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman came out to address the WWE Champ. Coachman told Cena he was out for revenge, and therefore, not only would Cena be facing Umaga at New Year's Revolution, but he would also be taking on Masters in the Masterlock Challenge, for the WWE Championship.

The WWE Championship had never been contested in such a manner, but as usual, Cena overcame the odds. The resilient champ prevailed, forcing the cocky Masters to tap out to a Masterlock of his own.

What followed was one of the biggest, most out-of-control brawls in recent Raw history. Umaga stormed the ring and engaged Cena in a brawl all over the ringside area, trampling the Raw announce team and dozens of security guards in the process.

As a result, an irritated Coachman ruled that Umaga and Cena were not to touch each other until January 1st, unless it was in a match, and made a special contest for next week's Raw: Cena vs. Armando Alejandro Estrada.

Later, a fired-up DX addressed Rated-RKO's actions against Ric Flair from a week ago. Citing the importance of Flair to the world of sports-entertainment and to DX themselves, they commended Orton and Edge for making things personal, and promised nothing they did to Flair would compare to the pain they would suffer at the hands of Raw's resident degenerates.

DX took their anger with them to the monumental eight-man tag main event. Along with the Hardys, they gave the team of Rated-RKO and MNM all they could handle, but at the end of the night, it just wasn't meant to be.

Kenny, who earlier in the night appealed to Rated-RKO for acceptance and was told he would have to "prove himself," did just that. The former World Tag Team Champion came through the crowd and pummeled HBK with a steel chair. The diversion, which drew the attention of Triple H, left Matt Hardy in a two-on-one with Rated-RKO. A vicious spear put Matt down for the count, giving Rated-RKO and MNM a huge Raw victory.

Also on Raw, the Highlanders defeated Cade & Murdoch in a match dedicated to "Rowdy" Roddy Piper. Shelton Benjamin defeated Super Crazy and was embraced by former partner Charlie Haas. Victoria kept her streak of aggression alive by defeating Maria. Carlito beat Viscera and received a kiss from Torrie. Eugene attacked Val Venis. And Cryme Tyme invaded a nursing home.

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