RKO marks the spot on Y2J

RKO marks the spot on Y2J

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Despite his quest to "save_us" from WWE Champion Randy Orton's title reign, Chris Jericho wasn't able to save himself tonight from these three letters: RKO. But Orton was barely able to save himself from Y2J's dreaded Walls of Jericho.

In the first two weeks of his return to WWE, Y2J left such a great impression on Orton. He spoiled his "Passing the Torch" ceremony and then took away his opportunity to send Ric Flair into retirement. The egotistical Orton, enraged that Jericho commandeered his spotlight, agreed to defend the WWE Championship against Y2J at Armageddon.

Tonight, with Armageddon less than two weeks away, Raw GM William Regal allowed Jericho and Orton to make each other's matches, and the two put each other to the test. Orton elected to have Y2J face the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga for the first time ever while Jericho had the Legend Killer face off against one of his toughest longtime nemeses, Shawn Michaels.

Umaga vs. Jericho and HBK vs. Orton by themselves would be enough to headline any event anywhere. But tonight, these matches were really about Jericho and Orton and their attempts to outdo each other. During his first tenure in WWE, Jericho faced a who's who in WWE. From "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to The Rock to Triple H and HBK, he's gone head-to-head with them all. But he's never faced anyone like Umaga, and the Samoan monster gave him a painful introduction to today's WWE.

Nevertheless, Y2J showed why he was the first Undisputed WWE Champion in history. He had Umaga reeling with a Codebreaker -- until Orton appeared out of nowhere and flattened him with an RKO. (WATCH)

The WWE Champion appeared even more cocky than usual when he faced Michaels later that night. In his mind, he had left his mark on Jericho. He had finally embarrassed a nuisance and sent a message to Y2J and all his detractors -- the WWE Championship is serious business. Jericho can have all the charisma in the world, Orton believes, but he is a Legend Killer. He ends careers. And he will do anything to hold on to his WWE Title.

There were too many combustible elements to prevent the latest battle between Orton and HBK from turning into an uncontrollable melee. Mr. Kennedy, who has an ongoing war with Michaels, made his presence known in an attempt to gain an advantage on HBK before their own battle at Armageddon. Orton attempted to celebrate his count-out victory, but Jericho ran in to get some revenge on Orton and nearly trapped him in his back-crunching Walls of Jericho. (WATCH)

As Orton backpedaled up the ramp, he looked back at Y2J, his eyes wide with terror. Jericho glared at Orton, and he wasn't smiling at all. Yes, Y2J is known partly for his humor, but he is deadly serious about his mission to save us from the Legend Killer's title reign. He is a former World Champion, and he had to be devious and somewhat conniving -- just like Orton -- to be as successful as he's been. Randy Orton better remember that as he prepares to face Jericho at Armageddon.

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