The Game missing his edge?

The Game missing his edge?

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. -- Though Triple H wants observers to believe otherwise, is he missing his edge before his upcoming Armageddon showdown with Jeff Hardy?

The stakes in the Armageddon match between Triple H and Jeff Hardy in two weeks were raised to a fever pitch when Raw GM William Regal announced that the winner would get an opportunity at the WWE Championship at Royal Rumble. As Regal explained his reasoning for setting up the match, he seemed to take delight in suggesting to The Game that he wouldn't approach Hardy like a typical opponent because he didn't hate him. He wouldn't attack with the same kind of intensity because he respected the Intercontinental Champion.

The very suggestion stoked a fire in The Cerebral Assassin. His face twisted in rage, he emphatically stated that he will go through a respected friend and Pedigree his own mother and even his own father-in-law for the WWE Championship. (WATCH)

Snitsky didn't have to worry about bulldozing any friends for title chances -- he probably doesn't have any. But he received an opportunity to take the Intercontinental Championship from Hardy tonight and had no trouble tearing into the high-flyer from Cameron, N.C. At times, the snaggled-toothed ogre dominated and showed why so many athletes had been afraid to face him.

But Hardy, riding an unprecedented wave of momentum in his career, battled back and to the delight of his Carolina brethren, showed the heart that has won him a legion of fans the world over. The Master of the Swanton Bomb became the first Superstar to pin Snitsky's shoulders to the mat in 2007, showing all of WWE that he is ready for Triple H at Armageddon.

However, an enraged Snitsky didn't want Hardy to make it to Armageddon. With a steel chair in hand, he began to brutalize the "Rainbow-haired Warrior" until Triple H ran him off with his trusty sledgehammer.

But still, the North Charleston Coliseum fell to a near hush as Triple H peered down at Hardy, his hand twitching with the sledgehammer. Was he about to strike down his Armageddon opponent? (WATCH)

But The Game didn't strike; he extended his hand and pulled up Hardy. He looked at him dead in the eye and said words that were only heard by him and the Intercontinental Champion. The King of Kings wanted Hardy to know exactly who he would be facing at Armageddon. He was not facing a friend; he was not facing a Superstar he respects. He was facing The Game -- a man who will do anything to get to the top of the WWE mountain.

Or will he? Triple H had Hardy in his crosshairs and didn't pull the trigger. But what will happen when a golden opportunity is on the line in two weeks at Armageddon?

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