He Slices, He Dices...

He Slices, He Dices...

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Mr. Kennedy seemed to be trying out for an infomercial tonight. But the only thing he was pedaling was a series of insults to Shawn Michaels.

The loudmouth from Green Bay, Wis., dissed a bunch of HBK's merchandise, including his new DVD, Heartbreak & Triumph. The verbal slap to Michaels' face was only the latest putdown from Mr. Kennedy, who feels that HBK doesn't deserve any more WWE Championship opportunities. He announced that he'll have the opportunity to make his case when he faces off against HBK at Armageddon.  Read the full preview… | Photos

However, before Armageddon, Kennedy further bolstered his argument when he overpowered high-flyer Brian Kendrick in a singles competition.

In other Raw action:

Eight Is Enough

A week after being defeated by World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch, Hardcore Holly & Cody Rhodes redeemed themselves in an Eight-Man Tag Team Match. The reluctant partners teamed with Super Crazy & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan to defeat Cade & Murdoch and The Highlanders.  Photos

The Glamazon Awaits

After defeating Melina, Mickie James continued to ride the wave of momentum she's been on the past several weeks, right into a title opportunity at Armageddon against Women's Champion, Beth Phoenix.  Photos

Trading Places

Jeff Hardy & Triple H had really found their groove, teaming up to take down the dreaded duo of Umaga & Snitsky. Unfortunately, Raw GM William Regal pulled the rug out from under them when he announced that Hardy would be pitted against The Game in a match at Armageddon.  Story | Watch | Photos

Rebuilding Walls

In his first match in more than two years, Chris Jericho showed that he's still a force to be reckoned with. After suffering through a tirade by Santino Marella, Jericho took the fight to the cocky Italian, pinned him and then invited Jerry "The King" Lawler to the ring, where the Raw announcer got in a few licks of his own. Jericho also had a few words for WWE Champion Randy Orton.  Story | Watch | Photos

Legend of the Fall

After receiving a "win-or-retire" ultimatum from Mr. McMahon, the legendary Ric Flair laid it all on the line against the Legend Killer, Randy Orton. After a fierce battle, in which the WWE Champion appeared on the verge of prevailing, Flair took advantage of a distraction to emerge with the victory and the heart of his career still beating.  Story | Watch | Photos

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